Leadership in Manufacturing
E17 If you're only trying things that succeed  You're not going to innovate
August 3, 2021
Why is agile important for a learning organization? Agile is about teaching the mindset that we are always questioning what we are doing. In this episode, we have guest who is the Chief Principal Consultant at Solid Reason and also the founder of "agile club'. Ricardo Liberato talks about being agile, how agility is the key to innovation, and how failures are a learning journey that feeds and creates a learning and innovative organization. Ricardo also talks about how important it is to be exposed to things that are happening outside the organization, a way to do this is by being part of a community. When you join communities, you are exposed to all levels of diversity and this is where you learn and get inspired. "It's all about being able to think about what you want to do, work on it as a team, reflect on what you did, have psychological safety to bring out the best in everyone that is in your team." Ricardo Liberato #mindtheinnovation #unlockinnovation #innovation #podcast #sannahvinding #keeplearning #lean #agility #learnwithsannah #sannahunlocksinnovation