Customers Who Click
Nailing Fulfillment with Harry Drajpuch
November 8, 2022
In episode 136 of the Customers Who Click podcast I am talking about fulfillment with CEO of Amware, Harry Drajpuch. With a background in warehousing and logistics before occupying C-level roles, and over 20 years of experience, Harry is probably one of the most knowledgeable people to speak to on the subject of fulfillment. We will be covering the opportunities that fulfillment offers to strengthen one’s brand identity, common mistakes made when it comes to this part of the business, and some top tips on how to set yourself apart. Harry will also share some practical tips on choosing a fulfillment partner, managing couriers, and how best to communicate with warehousing & logistics. Harry is currently CEO of Amware, you can find him on Linkedin.
Key highlights:

0:51 - Harry’s introduction
3:00 - How Harry keeps customers clicking 
3:48 - Why marketers only focus on events up until conversion
07:34 - Seeing fulfillment as an opportunity to promote your brand identity
09:08 - Why spend money on packaging that gets thrown away? 
10:31 - Catfishing in marketing
13:19: - The three tiers of packaging quality
14:50 - Matching your packaging to your brand
16:02 - Competing on fulfillment experience rather than price 
17:09 - Reducing total reliance on couriers by having multiple warehouses
22:17 - Selling low-margin items on Amazon to drive volume and brand awareness 
24:20 - What to look for in a fulfillment partner 
26:50 - How promotions impact fulfillment partners 
32:46 - Communication & customer service 
36:30 - How to lose customers through poor fulfillment 
38:59 - Tips on avoiding mistakes 
43:06 - Harry’s ideal lunch guest 
44:58 - Harry’s recommended marketing tools 

If you’d like to hear more from Harry you can find him on Linkedin.