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Digital Entrepreneur Sherri Langburt talks about being the Founder of BabbleBoxx
April 15, 2024
In this captivating episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast," host Phil Better dives into an engaging conversation with Sherri Langburt, the CEO and founder of BabbleBox. Discover how Sherri became a trailblazer in influencer marketing and pioneered the innovative social media solutions that led to the success of BabbleBox. Listeners gain insights into Sherri's humble beginnings, her unique journey of stumbling into influencer marketing, and the evolution of her entrepreneurial pursuits. From her experiences with team management to being honored as one of the Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies, Sherri candidly shares her personal and professional highlights. Tune in to uncover Sherri's valuable advice for entrepreneurs and learn about the fascinating world of influencer marketing, as she offers compelling tips for businesses looking to leverage influencer campaigns. Don't miss this episode as Sherri Langburt's entrepreneurial journey and candid insights inspire and empower aspiring digital entrepreneurs to invest in themselves and embrace the opportunities in influencer marketing.
Are you ready to hear from a pioneer in the influencer marketing space? In this episode of Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast, host Phil Better interviews Sherri Langburt, the CEO of BabbleBox, who has been leading the way in influencer marketing since 2007. Get ready for a deep dive into the origins of BabbleBox and how Sherri Langburt paved the way for influencer marketing.

During the interview, Sherri Langburt shares insights into how she stumbled upon influencer marketing and what inspired her to create BabbleBox. You'll also find out how Sherri managed the transition from handling most tasks herself to taking on a leadership role and building a team. Get ready to learn about the challenges in the early stages, and how Sherri Langburt overcame them to achieve success.

As the episode unfolds, the audience gains an understanding of what it takes to succeed as an influencer and what businesses should consider when hiring their first influencers for marketing campaigns. With Sherri's advice, you'll gain valuable insights on navigating the world of influencer marketing. Stay tuned for an inspiring discussion about pivotal moments that kept Sherri going, and discover how she stays resilient and focused on her journey as an entrepreneur.

Don't miss this episode to gain practical advice and learn from the experiences of an accomplished digital entrepreneur. As always, remember to invest in yourself.
**Guest: Sherri Langburt **

Sherri Langburt is the CEO & Founder of BabbleBoxx and has been a pioneer in the influencer marketing space since 2007. A passion for storytelling and brand marketing, and a desire to create an innovative social media solution led Sherri to create BabbleBoxx - the influencer marketing agency best known for its co-sampling and signature box strategies.

Launched in December 2010, in 2018 BabbleBoxx was named to the Inc. 500 fastest-growing private companies in America. Sherri is also the Founder and interim CEO of Blog Meets Brand, one of the first SaaS-based influencer marketing platforms. She was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 New Jersey Award.

Before BabbleBoxx, Sherri was a founding member of WW Online (formerly Weight Watchers) and the General Manager of the WW Canada market. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Mattel, Conagra Brands, Disney, HBO, Pepsico, Viacom and Lowes Home Goods. Sherri began her career in digital marketing as a business systems analyst where she spent ten years architecting solutions for AIG, Credit Suisse, DLJ and IBM.

Sherri is also an avid supporter of non-profit and educational organizations, including Feeding America, G.L.A.D.D, UJA, The Ronald McDonald House, U.C.L.A. and Seton Hall University where she lends expertise and is often a guest speaker at events. Sherri offers volunteer one-on-one business counseling to the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Sherri is an excellent and experienced speaker and has received outstanding reviews for both content and delivery. Sherri was the Keynote speaker at the national 2022 AMA Digital Marketing Conference. Other speaking engagements have included the Path-to-Purchase Institute - Executive Network Conference, ANA Influencer Marketing Committee Conference, Digital Summit, and CEO Club of Baltimore.

Sherri has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, The Miami Herald and Women’s Wear Daily and on CBS News, Today Australia and The Mixergy podcast.

Sherri hails from Montreal, Canada where she earned a B.A. in English Communications and Film from McGill University.
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