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Safety Consultant TV
May 30, 2022
In this episode, Sheldon reveals the Safety Consultant TV service. Safety Consultant TV is an online Video on Demand service providing training and mentoring resources that shows you how to start and grow your safety consultant company. Use code "SC101"
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[00:00:17] spk_0: mm hmm. Welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I'm your host Sheldon Primus Step podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. Mhm And as you can tell by sound quality and I got my board back. Yes my road caster pro is back and just as I get it back to come out with road caster pro too, I want that. Oh well just just just so pleased to be back with you guys in the US. It is memorial Day. So thank you everyone who has served active duty military for your service, your family and those who have passed. Thank you. Mhm. Today I'm gonna talk a little bit about our safety consultant tv product product. I have been working on this one for a while and the safety consultant tv is one of the things that I came out of me answering the same questions over and over. Not this down like you know, I I don't mind the questions is just mayor frequency of the same questions will lead you to try to get an answer. That will be yeah, maybe um I'm gonna answer the same. So what I did is I created a way or that those answers to to happen. So safety consultant tv is what that is. So I want to make sure I get you guys the best and I've been testing it for a while and I really feel it's time to give it a proper launch. So hang in there with me and we're going to go over the safety consultant tv. this is the labor of love. I've been doing that will help you with your business today. I mean absolutely. So just hang in there with me and we'll go through this one together. So since I got my board I can do all the cool things. I can actually fade in. Nice. Right. I missed the board. I couldn't do interviews because the only mike that I would have would be the mic that is from my camera. So the camera mic is what you guys have been hearing me with the last couple of weeks so it's been really just frustrating because it's not a quality mike it's okay but it's not a quality mic because everything goes through the board all my mix and everything else goes through my road caster and then I got it back I'll be able to go ahead and um yeah we'll just be a little bit more free loose. Yeah get back into it amy I'm giving myself some music. Nice. Right. Yeah. All right. So let's talk about safety consultant tv. So for some of you who has already been following me for a while you know that I've had a couple of things going on all the times but the idea behind safety consultant tv came from two prior things and it was all from my students asking me um and we're not students that not all students but students and some people on linkedin and other areas they would ask me questions related to starting their business and what to do. So um it came my mindset was alright, we'll do a book, so I did seven steps and starting a profitable safety consulting business. It's available on amazon, but if you go to the homepage of the podcast, you can download that for free, so you just gotta safety consultant to podcast dot com and you'll be able to to get to download there. So I said the book is good, it's a smaller one, but it's a good start, let's go with a course. So after that it created the safety consultant blueprint course and really just broke it down, I mean broke it down, I ain't even broke it down, shattered shards, small pieces, that's how much I broke this thing down. So that was the course, bite sized pieces of how to start your business little by little and then some other things such as uh your written programs, you know how you're gonna do your permit required confined space, how are you going to do uh some of the other areas such as has come and everything else, so that's part of it, they're just giving you guys that and then also uh it is part of the course is, you know, how do you do your proposals and everything else after a while of that and getting some really good feedback from students who have gone through the blueprint course um I was thinking we want to do something that just might be even easier for everybody. So that's the safety consultant tv product even easier. So that is the progression to where we are today. So safety consultant tv let's do this. Normally everybody waits until the very end to tell you the website and what to do on all that stuff. You know me, I'm a little bit different. I don't do, I love that board. Uh No um how about this? Go to safety consultant dot tv if you're not driving, you know the rules, safety consultant dot tv. So once you're there you're gonna look at the home page, you're going to see basically my face and it's a video kind of loop of one of these sessions I did in zoom. So you'll see that so that's how you'll know you're in the right place. Um just kind of scroll down, you'll see a few things on the home page, I tell you a little bit about yourself and you can subscribe and that's what we're going to do. So when you're listening to this you can just listen to it as you're seeing it through the back end. See I had a method to this madness. So you scroll down, you'll see your time is now and there's a subscribe today button or on the very top right, you'll see a subscribe today button. So you click on that and once you do it's going to take you two options. You've got a option of a three day free trial and that's a monthly plan or you get a three day free trial on the annual plan. Mhm. Just go ahead and choose one. So what you're gonna do is just pick the plane you want and I'll ask you do you have a code once you see that you click on that and you have a code and you're gonna type in S. C. 101. So just do that Capital S. C. Let's say that capital s. 101. I don't know if it's case sensitive or not. So once you do that then you hit next And then that's going to give you 30 days free. So at that point you're just gonna go ahead and fill in all the information that they're requiring their read the terms and everything and then now you're going to get 30 days and then you're going to follow along with me see Tada. So first the safety consultant tv product itself is actually an app and this app lives in the iphone stores. Apple ipad, Apple tv, android android tv Roku. Fire tv. I normally go on I'm I'm amazon fire guy so I just looked it up I went to the app store area and just hit the mic. You know the little mike thing that's right they hit a little mic thing and I just had safety consultant tv and I let it kind of go through the search feature and then when it comes up in that yellow color, I'm like safety consultant tv and just download that right on the tv. And then from there I just connected to it will show you give you, it'll give you directions on how to connect your account that we just did on your internet and the T. V. If you're doing apple tv or android tv Roku, they're all similar, similar things. So that's the way you connect to things. So now you can have this safety consultant tv on your tv, you don't have to get online every time you do it, you can just flop in bed or if you're indisposed and watching something, everybody does it right, We're old. And then so we got our headphones in and we're entertaining yourselves so that hey, you could learn a little bit about the safety consultant tv. So it's honestly broken up in a way that it's easy to digest. Its in the playlist format. So in a playlist format that just means that you're gonna be able to um just imagine where you would, you would try to find an information. So such as you're thinking, oh man, I need this permit required confined space template that he has and there's templates in there and I'll tell you about that next and you're like where would that be? And you go through the playlist and one of the playlist has safety and health written programs. That would be your tip off. So you go to that one, you click on that safety and health written programs, there's over 61 videos in the hole and keep adding. I want to make sure it's regular content. But in this particular one there's 13 videos. It was set up about safety and health where explained different safety and health policies and procedures and I'm showing you the policies and procedures that I use. So you have playlist resources and that is where you can download the actual templates I'm using. So the safety consultant side is, you know, could have this template that you can use for your clients. That's the idea. So instead of just you know, Hey Sheldon, would you mind emailing me a copy of your hearing conservation program? All right, well I I sometimes I remember I do my best, but in this way I don't have to, I just say, hey, just go on to safety consultant tv look for the playlist. You'll see the hearing conservation program. I explained the program page by page and then you can download it and now you have it. Uh, and you could use it for your clients. So that's the idea behind it. So the playlists are hazard analysis, Ocean compliance safety consultant blueprint. So a part of the course is is in here globally. HS professionals written safety programs, Finding a client. How do you find your clients as videos in there about that mindfulness for success and my favorite just for fun. That's actually one video right now and that is me and Sam Goodman, the hop nerd. We did a just a nerd talk about guitars and drumming, I've been a drummer forever. Sam's guitarist extraordinary is really good and so we were just having fun and that's where it is. So that is just a brief overview of the safety consultant tv but I want you guys to kind of like flip through it, you know, go through some of the interviews. I got an interview with Howard Light, who's the hearing, conservation guru and the maker and inventor of many of the hair air plugs and products related to it. I've got some interviews with DR Botha who was talking about mindfulness, get interviews with globally HS professionals and and actual um E H. S seminar that we had together. It's tough, it's tough. So it's all really here for you to get the most out of what I teach and then also to help you jump start your business as quickly as you can, that's really what it's here for and it's give you video on demand. Yes, but it's learning on demand and then if you need the templates you have to go online for that one, you can't get it from your tv obviously. So you have to go to safety consultant dot tv and then you can download any of the templates that I have up there for you. Even the proposal templates. Very powerful proposal templates. So you're gonna really be able to use that for your business. So tina I've been working on this thing for two years. I'm ready to just go to safety consultant dot tv And you're gonna put in the code SC 101. I don't think it's case sensitive but if it is just capital S capital C 101 after you hit the subscribe today button, pick a plan and just go through the process that it walks you through and you're good to go. So I'll see you in safety consultant tv. Mm We're gonna have some fun next week because I am going to do my best to to start doing some interviews again. So I'm going to be looking that up. Maybe not next week but Arjun sometime in june that's the plan. Good to have the board back. All right, gang go get him. Mhm mm hmm.

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