My campaign to create a brand new SaaS company and take it from $0 to seven figures
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My campaign to create a brand new SaaS company and take it from $0 to seven figures
August 30, 2021
In this episode, we talk about why I'm actually not doing this endeavor and what I'm doing instead.
You know, I recorded an episode a little bit earlier and then I held onto it for about a day, and then I deleted it and the reason I deleted it is because I was trying to make an announcement that I thought might be good for my business. But then what I realized is that it's probably better off if I just hold off. So this is a struggle that entrepreneurs continuously face. 

So if you listen to my episode about how to make $100,000 in one evening, I talked about how you can just easily create this business, get some MRR onto it and then flip it. So with that idea what I was thinking is for the accelerated program that I have, like how cool would it be if I kind of shifted my focus and I actually showed people how I was going to build my own SaaS app and take it from like literally nothing, from zero all the way to a seven figure evaluation, in less than 180 days. So this is very doable. Very possible. 

When I was actually speaking with Ana and we were mapping out exactly how we would do this running through the entire accelerated program because we would just use our own system to be able to launch this. It would probably take us around 11 days and this is very optimistic. So if you want to double that. this is usually what I do when I'm forecasting or when I'm trying to budget my time, I usually double. It so 11 days will probably turn into 22 days, but I figured that I could probably run it through the whole system in 22 days. 

However, there's like so many other things that are happening in my life In terms of the products that I'm already working on. And what was holding me back, was this feeling this, this message that I put out about the $100,000 in one evening episode where we just jump into ideas and as we stack on more things onto our plate, you know, the entire plate is just gonna overflow and it's gonna fall and it's gonna be a big mess. 

So after holding onto the idea for about 12 hours or 24 hours actually did do some exercises to figure out whether this would be a good idea or not, and I think it will be a phenomenal idea, like it's going to help move our company so fast, but shifting my focus onto that, this is a totally brand new marketing initiative. I mean, starting a brand new company, starting a brand new brand, it's not easy, right? And for me to take my focus away from that, I think wouldn't have paid as much dividends as some other options that are on the table. 

So, Ana and I sat down, we actually looked at like, how can we get to the same result, but in different ways and this is, you know, kind of like our brainstorming things, so we're just not fixated and stuck on one thing, we try to think about what are some other ways we can get to the same goal. And what I realized is that for people that are already in my accelerator program, one of the things that we're thinking is many of them, they're just like starting brand new and just that first hurdle in terms of getting to know what market is right for them, it's a struggle for a lot of people. It's not easy work, right? 

And for me, I already have this figured out so I can rip through the program in 22 days and get instant results. But what I realized is that instead of me shifting my focus onto this other business idea that I think definitely would be a good campaign. I'm going to take the same time and I'm just going to over-deliver on value for people that are already in the accelerator program. 

So now what I'm, what I'm doing is I'm mapping out all the different ways I can take people if I just kind of handhold them with personal attention. So this is supposed to be a group program. But I think what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to just add a little bit more extra personal attention so I can try to get these results for my accelerator members in this very short period of time. Because then the end result is like how awesome is this. Like even though I wasn't, I didn't take a company from zero to a seven-figure evaluation in less than six months for myself, I was able to do this for my accelerator programs, and then now there's like two evangelists, not just me, but this other person who got this amazing result. 

So I'm going to share what I'm going to do right now. One of my accelerator members, she is the founder of Toesty Sheets. She has a very good product. And what we're going to do is I'm going to sit with her. We're going to come up with an amazing, badass offer and we're going to start shopping it for her dream customers and we're gonna make themselves and we're gonna try to do this within 30 days. 

And I think once she starts getting this like huge corporate client um, and start bringing this revenue in the game over right. While I'm doing this, this will be my focus for this quarter. And then after I help Michelle, then I can reevaluate and see the SaaS idea that I want to start, whether it's something that I would actually have time for it because it's still a good idea. I think it would still be a good campaign would be just something fun to do. But for me to be able to do it, I need to be able to work on what I'm already working on systematized that so I can step away from it before I add anything to my plate. 

So just kind of sharing what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to name the title of this podcast is my thoughts on taking a SAAS application from zero to a seven-figure of evaluation. I'm not sure if it's going to sound click bate-y or not, but I think this is probably the best title that I can use in terms of sharing my thought process on why I'm actually not doing this endeavor and what I'm doing instead. So thank you again for following my journey is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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