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303. Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life | Joe Friel
January 2, 2023
I thought this would be a great episode with Joe Friel, to kick off the 2023 Cycling training season. Talking more about how to properly train as we age, is so important. Enjoy and please share!

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Fast after 50 :
Ride Inside:

Episode 41 with Jim Rutburg and their collaboration on the RIDE INSIDE training book

FAST AFTER 50 3 Part Series with Joe Friel
Part 1: Aging Athlete:  Aging Athlete: Cellular Changes, Limiters and Nature VS Nurture
Part 2: The importance of routine: Sleep, Eat, Recover, Train, Repeat
Part 3: High-Performance Training & Intensity: How to do it right

For every endurance athlete who wants to stay fast for years to come: cyclists, runners, swimmers, skiers, rowers, triathletes

Getting older doesn't have to mean getting slower!

Drawing from the most current research on aging and sports performance, Joe Friel--America's leading endurance sports coach--shows how athletes can race strong and stay healthy well past age 50. By training to ward off the effects of age, athletes can extend their racing careers for decades--and race to win.

Fast After 50 presents proven guidelines for high-intensity workouts, focused strength training, recovery, crosstraining, and nutrition for high performance:

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