Can six percenter entrepreneurs be in a committed relationship?
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
Can six percenter entrepreneurs be in a committed relationship?
February 14, 2021
In this episode we discuss if there is really a forever person for everyone.
Can a 6% or be in a committed relationship, so I used to think about this pretty often. I have a pretty solid answer for it now, and I'll share my answer towards the end. But before we get there, let me talk about how my thinking kind of taking me to where it is right now. So I think about all of my past relationships, and I liked a lot of those relationships. I liked being with some of the people at the time when I was with them, and I feel like I shared a lot of magical moments with the magical people. 

But what I don't see is I don't see myself being with any of those people right now. I am so different from who I was at that time. I'm different from who I was yesterday. I'm continuously evolving, and my personal feeling is that if other people can't keep up to my pace of change, I'm not going to be happy. They're not going to be happy. It's probably not going to be a happy situation. So I thought about this concept of the Forever person because since we are young, we were taught toe. Learn that there's this magical person out there for us. Shakespeare has a quote that says Journeys End in Lovers Meeting and Finding your true love. All this is romanticized like since we are so young and so you know so tiny just thinking about this. 

So it's something that you're definitely programmed to think about that we have this forever person. But if you actually look around past all that Disney stuff, what you really see is people ending up in divorce. People not being happy because they were sold this idea of this Disney type of future. And that's not what they end up getting, because people do change, people get different interests, people move on and they and they grow apart. And this is okay. This is totally normal to grow apart, especially with so many different ways we can have experiences now that it's almost inevitable. 

So the way that I'm looking at life now this is my answer is instead of thinking that there's a forever person out there for you, that I am just hoping to meet more magical people and share more magical moments with them as soon as we feel that we're not helping each other anymore or this relationship is not beneficial anymore. We can consciously decouple and it could be a healthy separation instead of going through so much of the pain that a lot of people go through, that I myself have gone through. It hurt and it was painful. 

And now I feel like the place where I am in life. I feel like I figured it out instead of waiting for someone else out there to make me happy. I've made myself happy and really I am incredibly picking now on who I spend my time with. So I hope this helps anyone. That's thinking there might be a forever person. I really challenge you to actually consider what you really want out of life. Is that something you really, really want, or would you like to try something different? I'll see you guys in the next episode. 

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