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Family Connections with Marie Morin
May 17, 2024
Marie Morin is a licensed therapist, wellness coach, and international best-selling co-author of the book Belonging: Secrets to Soothe the Soul. She is passionate about improving family connections and communication by sharing hope and strategies to support those with strained family relationships.
In this episode, Marie discusses how we all want to feel connected to someone, be who we are, be loved, valued, heard, understood and validated. People who are connected have better health outcomes. 

She talks about how mindfulness and compassion are integral in forming positive relationships. Mindfulness is paying attention and observing without judgement, listening without reacting or thinking what you will say next, and being able to self-reflect and be objective about what you remember, the reality. 

Meditation can help slow ourselves down so we can be more mindful, present, self-aware, and have the ability to listen more than we speak. 

Compassion is about realizing you and others “did the best you could with the resources you had at that time” and being able to take responsibility for your actions and to forgive yourself and others.

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