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Why Can't I Have: 1st Day Insurance, Compact Licenses & More!
April 27, 2021
Tricia & Cyndi are discussing the questions of the day including medical insurance, compact licenses, guaranteed hours and more!
Why Can't I.....
Have first day medical insurance? (Spoiler! Sometimes you can!!)

Find out the 3 most important questions to ask your company regarding medical insurance coverage.
Why Can't I.....
Have a compact license?

Tricia & Cyndi talk about how you can have a compact license, how you qualify, and why some states are not included.

Why Can't I.....
Have a blocked schedule?

Find out what a blocked schedule is and why it can be important for some travelers depending on their circumstances.

Why Can't I.....
Have guaranteed hours?

Find out the difference between guaranteed hours and PAID guaranteed hours. Tricia also talks about the importance of understanding WHO is guaranteeing the hours.

Why Can't I.....
Be a Travel Nurse?

That's what we're hear to help you decide!  Listen in each week on the podcast, join the social media groups, and attend the TravCon conference in September!

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