Get more done with higher quality and less stress
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
Get more done with higher quality and less stress
April 19, 2021
In this episode, we share a tip to get more done, with higher quality, and less stress.
Today's tip will help you get more done with higher quality and less stress and this is with bath processing. So the jury is no longer out with task switching and multitasking. We know that humans aren't very good at multitasking or task switching, especially when it's two different tests that require a conscious effort. 

There was an article from Psychology Today that put the statistic at a 40 drop in productivity every time you change task. Which and this makes sense right? Because when you are switching between two different tasks, you have to reorient yourself to that new task and that energy it takes and that conscious effort it takes for you to be able to reorient yourself to the new task. It will drop you in productivity, it's going to take away a lot of energy. 

So instead of multitasking what I've been doing and what the people in my team have been doing actually as well is we've been batch processing everything and this has helped us so much because now without the feeling of overwhelm we set certain days for concentrated hours of a certain type of work. For example, on Monday, I don't do any calls, I don't do any interaction with the outside world. All I'm doing on Monday is I am doing business process improvement for my business and this is all I do and Monday is actually a very fun day for me because it feels like I'm playing with legos or I can try to automate some kind of process or build something and I just play the whole day. 

But if I had spent my Monday just maybe two hours on business process improvement, two hours answering emails, two hours doing all these other things, I would likely not get much stuff done because the first hour of those two hours is just me reorienting myself, trying to figure out where I stopped. Um the last time I was working on this project where my mind is now and just that reorientation, it takes a lot of energy. 

So to help you avoid that instead of multitasking, just batch process everything spend one day to do one type of task, and just focus that day on that type of task. So for me, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, is when I interact with the outside world in terms of clients and then Fridays and Sundays is when I will do podcasts. 

Every night I record a new six podcast and then on the weekends on Fridays and Sundays I might do a Growth Hack Secrets podcast where I invite a guest to share their best growth hack secrets on that podcast and on Saturdays I do nothing. I just go to the beach, I'll do like a clubhouse event in the morning and then I'll go to the beach that will be spent for leisure. I'll probably learn something new. I'm usually reading a book or something like that, but everything is batch process so it doesn't feel difficult, it doesn't feel overwhelmed. 

I know what the day is for and whenever I wake up, I set out to accomplish all the tasks that are out in front of me and I'm doing this all in one batch. Hope this helps. I will see you in the next episode. Boom. Bam. I'm out. 

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