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{ep. 70} Time for a Booky Call! The innovative App Connecting Readers to books! with Nicole Talbott
July 20, 2022
Nicole Talbott, VP of Sales and Marketing at Booky Call, joined Alexa Bigwarfe to discuss the innovative app, how it is helping readers find and fall in love with new books through a fun dating style app, and how authors can use the app to market their book.
How much fun is it that Booky Call has created a book marketing app that is designed like a dating app? I met the owners and Nicole at the Publishing University Conference put on by IBPA each year, and was immediately intrigued.

In this episode we discuss:

Nicole is so much fun and the conversation was so great! I recommend you go to your App store right away and get the Booky Call app and start using it as a reader to explore. Then, when you're ready, head over to and check out the opportunities for authors and publishers. They also have a ton of fun Merch, a podcast, and other fun stuff.

Nicole Talbott is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Booky Call, an innovative book discovery app disguised as a dating app. Bringing two decades of experience in communications, relationship management and promotions for various global brands, as well as a data-driven understanding of the Booky Call app, Nicole has a unique ability to work with clients to develop achievable marketing plans that deliver significant results.