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#113: Juggling Fire, Breakdancing, & Bootstrapping A Company From $1,000 → $16M In One Year w/ Matteo Grassi
December 20, 2022
Here are 3 things about today’s guest: Matteo Grassi 1. Matteo was a professional breakdancer and joined the circus as a fire juggler 2. He co-founded an eCommerce portfolio of 7 direct to consumer brands that did 0 - 16m bootstrapped with a $1,000 initial investment 3. He’s the co-founder of Popup — the next generation no code eCommerce platform 3 Things You’ll Learn: 1. How to pick the RIGHT problems for YOU to solve as an entrepreneur. 2. Why there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” emotions. 3. How to persevere through tough entrepreneurial moments. (In 2012 Matteo was completely broke, lost his house, went through a divorce and went back to work in a cafe at minimum wage. 😑) To find out more about Matteo, go to