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Jewell Marceau - The Damsel becomes the Domme
April 5, 2022
The Legendary Fetish Model Jewell Marceau looks back over a historical run as the preeminent Damsel in Distress in the fetish world and her transition into a Pro Domme in an emotional interview with @HiThereCatsuit
I love my job! As a kid, what I wanted to be the most when I grew up was “sexy!” I have now created a life and work environment that allows me to be as creatively sexy as I want to be every single day!

      I started my career in the adult industry in February, 1996. I began as a porn model shooting exclusively Girl/Girl and solo sex content. Shortly after, I was booked for my first bondage shoot with Harmony Concepts with the infamous villain and rope extraordinaire, Jon Woods. After this first bondage shoot was complete, I knew exactly what type of model and performer I wanted to be: Fetish all the way baby!

      I then began fetish modeling like a mad woman! I was double and triple booked with video shoots, photo shoots, and web cams daily. It was awesome. Because I loved what I was doing, and wanted to work as much as possible, I gained popularity quickly. I was young, strong, flexible, and I had what it took to be one of the best bondage models working at that time. And I loved it! My mind/body connection was clear and in tune. This allowed me to somehow gracefully execute some of the most difficult bondage positions and scenarios ever seen. I was photographed by top of the line bondage producers such as Devonshire Productions, Short Fuse Productions,, Close Up Concepts, House of Gord, and Gwen Media. I am still very proud of this work today.

      I gained experience fast! I was worried even then that I would not be able to model forever. A few years later I decided I needed to change careers or transition “Jewell Marceau” into a business. In 2000 began with the help of Short Fuse Productions and Gwen Media. I began shooting my own video productions! I remember feeling so comfortable doing this. I felt like I knew exactly what needed to be done and how. I loved being creative, organizing scripts, hiring talent, booking locations, dressing the models, and most of all I loved writing checks to pay my crew! I was a good director!

      Now I am a great director! I really enjoyed the new position I created for myself of “being in charge.” Taking charge of my business began to grow and expand for me. I started exploring the genre of Pro Domination. Being so successful at organizing and financing my own full-length feature fetish movies, I felt certain I would exceed in developing my persona as a Dominatrix. I thought it would be a great idea to begin to offer my services to fans who have been watching my movies for years. I wanted to give customers the opportunity to actually meet and play with the fetish model they’ve been fantasizing about all this time! I’ve been tied and tortured by the absolute best as well as the most experienced sadists and riggers around. This enables me to perform as a Dominatrix safely. It has taught me to communicate thoroughly. It also allows me to understand the degree of discomfort and pain a client may be in. Having previously been a bondage model, I understand how the body works and responds to impact, restraints, and sensations in far more accurate detail. Having been in similar predicaments, I understand that communication is vital to safety and satisfaction. I am also aware that specific dialogue can become a mental trigger to my clients. I am able to use dialogue effectively to induce or prevent a particular result for my clients.

      I love meeting fans!! Whether they are new fans or fans from long ago, fans of my work specifically or just fans of the fetish and BDSM genre, I love meeting you all, learning your fantasies and fetishes, and making them come true! The most rewarding part of what I do for a living is having the ability to make a person’s kinky dream actually come to life! This is a hugely gratifying experience for me whether it happens in video, on webcam, in private session, or on the stage. I have a special gift to give you, and it’s gonna make you wet!

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