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192. VELOFIX The Hottest Franchise in Ottawa | ADAM KOURAKUS
February 21, 2022
In this episode you will learn about. How serial entrepreneur Adam Kourakus, went from working for Velofix to owning the Ottawa Franchise. For such a young guy, he has done an amazing job at growing his business. FYI now is the time to get your bike all tuned up before the Spring, on the trainer or not, he'll roll up to your house and take care of it.

About Adam.
He's from Ottawa and has always been a big lover of sports. 
Adam grew up playing soccer, mostly but then played volleyball for the GeeGees in University during my first year there. 
By the end of his undergrad, he had transitioned to triathlon and was on the Varsity Track/Cross Country team.
Adam also swam with Greg Kealy/Sharon Donnelly and was really enjoying triathlon. I did an Iron distance triathlon, then got into Olympic distance.
After undergrad, he started velofix. A few years into that, he took over TriRudy from Rudy Hollywood. 
A few years later, he became the owner of Somersault. 
Now he spends his time organizing events and fixing bikes! 
Recently getting married and has a bunch of nieces and nephews that will hopefully be great mechanics someday 

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