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184. 1984 Female Cyclist in the TDF to Life After RACING | NAN DEARDORFF-MCCLAIN
February 2, 2022
IN this episode you will learn about: Meet Nan Dearorff-McClain. Nan was one of the lucky women who participated and raced in the 1984 Tour De France, her story. Life after cycling, Nan now has a thriving business in the Netherlands creating amazing Tile Creations.
184. 1984 Female Cyclist in the TDF to Life After CYCLING. Meet NAN DEARDORFF-MCCLAIN

 I believe that art belongs to everyone! Participants in my projects all make a contribution to beautifying the urban landscape. Using simple designs and help from a crew of enthusiastic volunteers, ownership of the final art piece is part of the visual transformation process.

This makes the mosaic meaningful to many more people than a commissioned work by a single artist. Areas prone to vandalism are re-claimed with community involvement and resources. Mosaic is both an art form and a metaphor that speaks to the power of unique individuals working together to make something beautiful, creating a stunning and powerful impact on their environment.

1984-1988 Tour De France

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