Profitable Passions
Getting Visible Despite Challenges With Doriel Moulton
November 13, 2020
Doriel is a self proclaimed "extreme" introvert, who ironically had a "past life" as a powerhouse marketer, choir director and performance artist. She now helps other women stand in the spotlight with authenticity. She knows what it's like to feel like the spotlight is akin to either public speaking or getting a root canal. And how it feels when others are trying to "force" you into it despite your "unpreparedness" or better judgement, and how that makes you shrink back and feel unpowerful. She's come a long way from her days as a maven of building teams and organizations from the ground up. And you'd never know that she was an extreme introvert, since she took a fledgling private post-secondary institution to their highest revenue years ever. As a marketing consultant, wrote a proposal that helped a tiny law firm ink one of their largest deals ever! So in the right environment, extreme introverts can thrive and grow with confidence and ease. When she felt the calling to start her own business and build her own future, she had many hesitations and self doubt, but she has been able to thrive, get in front of the camera and even let her light shine so others can see how to overcome a lot of anxieties so they too can build their own business.