Property Investory
Tam Thorogood - The Power of Commercial Real Estate Over Residential
May 27, 2020
After discovering an interest in investment, Tam Thorogood found herself wanting to invest in commercial property. Despite the infamous job known as a commercial real estate agent, Thorogood was determined to fulfil this role to get in on the inside so she could excel at buying commercial property. In this episode of Property Investory we hear the Thorogood’s best tips for developing strategies that ultimately maintain success, such as meditation and complete determination. Tune in to hear more!
Tam Thorogood, now on her eighth property, has delved into all different kinds of properties. Despite her success today, she still is eager to continue to build up her commercial lease properties portfolio whilst still maintaining close relationships with her tenants. Formerly in the air force, Thorogood learnt many skills and work ethics that she applied to her property investment journey. 

Join us on this episode of Property Investory to learn how Tam Thorogood succeeded in the challenging game of commercial real estate and how it could potentially help you on your journey, whether it be residential, commercial or development!