We Are ALL Healers!
Ep.2 ~ Divine Responsibility of a Healer with Surya Devi
May 14, 2023
An enlightening conversation about Spiritual Ego, narcissistic leaders, Healers that hold a high level of integrity and Divine responsibility, and the art of practicing Divine discernment with your host Sue Dumais and special guest Surya Devi.
Surya Devi is a long-time practitioner and student of the healing arts. For over twenty years, she has worked with individuals and groups from all walks of life. She is also a world music artist who has released four full length albums plus numerous singles in collaboration with artists from a variety of genres. Her purpose is to serve during the awakening of humanity and her vision is a world that is peaceful, balanced, and prosperous for all. To learn more about Surya visit https://suryadeviworld.com

About the host: Sue Dumais is a Evolutionary Leader and Spiritual Mentor for healers, empaths and highly sensitive people. She is a Best-Selling Author, Intuitive Healer, International Speaker, Ordained Minister, and a global voice of HOPE and inspiration for HeartLedLiving.com 

This podcast is based on Sue Dumais' new international best selling book "We Are ALL Healers! Ordinary People with Extraordinary Intention Will Heal the World". Available through all online book stores.