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{ep. 96} You can make a difference! How Sherry Paris uses her books to empower students
June 7, 2023
Sherry Paris is passionate about being a beacon for marginalized voices and writing books that help empower the youth to take action in social justice movements and learning about diversity topics. She shares her advice on how other authors can do the same.
Sherry Paris (she/her) is an educator, author, illustrator, and Diversity Trainer who was named as the National Liberty Museum's first Teacher as Superhero in 2017. Sherry proudly collaborated with young people for nearly 20 years to create a culture of belonging, acceptance, and ally action through her leadership of a high school-based Diversity Training program. Sherry is the author of You Can Make a Difference! A Creative Workbook and Journal for Young Activists and the co-author of Being a Super Trans Ally! A Creative Workbook and Journal for Young People.

Photo by The Fancy Francy

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