Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
The Conscious Masochist World of Rachel Leedom
June 29, 2021
Some people seen pain as a terrible thing, but what happens when you turn that pain into a conscious part of your life, and make it into a positive. Explore this concept and more with Rachel Leedom and host HiThereCatsuit on this episode.
Rachel Leedom is a sadomasochism integration mentor, Founder of The Conscious Masochist, an online community for lovers of pain who desire to live in greater harmony with their dark side, and become more mindful of the ways they unconsciously choose pain over pleasure. Rachel encourages people to embrace the entirety of the human experience, reminding them that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. She approaches sadomasochism from a philosophical and spiritual perspective, weaving timeless wisdom into S&M. 

Rachel is the author of the eBook, Conscious Masochism: Releasing our Addiction to Suffering and Embracing Our Darkness for Healing, and offers astrological birth chart readings to interpreting your sadomasochistic blueprint through the clues within your chart. She has recently released The Art of Conscious Masochism, an online course to help you master your inner masochist. You can follow her on Instagram @TheConsciousMasochist or visit to learn more.