How To Start A Podcast
How To Start A Podcast Network
May 26, 2021
This episode shares how to start a podcast network...
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Okay, how to start a podcast. Network. Now the first thing to understand is that starting a cook-off network is very similar to starting a podcast. First, you need to really, who is the audience? What is the positioning of your show and why should someone subscribe to an individual podcast? Right. And so I assume.

Now that you're looking at starting a podcast network that you've already done, that you have a successful podcast, but for every other new podcast in your network, you have to make sure what's the bursting. What's the strategy. And why should someone subscribe? If you, if you do that for every show, then you're, it's very likely that your podcast network is going to succeed.

Aside from that, which is really the most important thing. There is some logistical stuff. There is a bit of software technical stuff that you need to set up as well. And so we actually, well, the first thing you really need is a podcast host somewhere to host your podcasts that allow you to have multiple or even unlimited podcasts.

And so what we have  is a solution where, uh, for earliest account, you can only have one show for our middle account. You can have three and four, our top account. You can have. A total of our limited podcast. So for our legendary account, you could come and you can start your podcast network on B cast. It would be very easy.

It would be very simple. You can give different people in your team access to different podcasts. You can create a separate website, a separate domain for each podcast on your network and the experience who's going to be very easy for you to upload and get those shows growing. That'd be cuffs. We. Focus on building software that helps businesses and marketers grow their show.

And so if you're looking to grow your podcast network, generate sponsorship, generate revenue for products or services, then big cost is probably the best place for you. But to summarize starting a podcast network is very similar to starting podcasts. You have to make sure that each podcast is going to be successful in the network.

And then you just need to ensure that your hosting solution allows you to have multiple podcasts and it's optimized for the growth of your podcast network. So I hope this episode helped you in your quest to start a podcast network. I look forward to speaking to you in the next one.