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Making It Presents Once Upon a Business
December 7, 2021
Executive Producer Danny Iny introduces Once Upon a Business to the Mirasee FM podcast network. In the new podcast, Lisa Bloom, the Story Coach, reads a folk tale and pulls out lessons that you can apply to your own business. Today’s tale speaks to entrepreneurial vision—to reaching beyond what's possible to build something magical.
You listen to Making It because you want to learn from—and be inspired by!—successful entrepreneurs.

     That’s why we thought you might be interested in a brand new show that just launched on the Mirasee FM Podcast Network. It's called Once Upon a Business, and it’s hosted by our good friend and colleague Lisa Bloom, the Story Coach.

     In Once Upon a Business, Lisa reaches into fairy, folk and traditional stories, and pulls out lessons that you can apply to your entrepreneurial and business growth.

     To give you a taste of it, we’re running an episode from that show right here in the Making It feed. We chose this particular episode because it speaks so perfectly to entrepreneurial vision—to reaching just beyond what's possible, to build something magical. Enjoy!

“I think it's an incredibly important skill for an entrepreneur for anybody running a business to be able to know that creating something out of nothing is always possible.” – Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom is a storyteller, author and coach who’s passionate about the art and business of storytelling.  She runs a business called ‘Story Coach’ and helps entrepreneurs, business owners & leaders attract & impact ideal clients and grow their business.
     After traveling the world and working a variety of jobs, Lisa settled down and created her business: story coaching, developing transformational story leaders & delivering global conference keynotes and workshops. She is also the Director of Mirasee’s ACES Business Acceleration Program. 
     There’s nothing Lisa loves more than to spend time with her partner & their four sons, walk her dog, travel, read and share stories!

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