OpsStars - A RevOps Podcast
October 4, 2021
In this trailer, Rachael shares what to expect from the OpsStars Podcast, and why we are doing this...
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Previous guests include: Evan Liang of LeanData, Ross Nibur of Toast, Chelsea Katich of McGraw Hill, Chris Van't Hof of CB Insights, Jeff Ignacio of Forethought, Sean Lane of Drift, Kerry Cunningham of 6sense, Seth Wylie of Gainsight, Karen Mangia of Salesforce, Jon Miller of Demandbase, Pat Oldenburg of Motive, Raheel Alam of Showpad, TJ Macke of Sapper Consulting, David Dulany of Tenbound, Mary Shea of Outreach, Asia Corbett of Bread Financial, Crissy Vetere-Saunders of CS2 Marketing

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