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Transformation, Not Time (Ray Hinish)
February 22, 2023
Newer coaches often wonder: How long should a session be? In this episode, Melinda dives into this question with Certified Master Business Coach Ray Hinish — and together, they break down the five factors that provide the answer.
Ray Hinish is a Certified Master Business Coach, founder of Upgraded Life, and an ACES coach with Mirasee. His mission is to make world-class coaching affordable and available to anyone who needs it. 

In this episode we discuss:

“It's not the session time that people want. It's the transformation.”  – Ray Hinish

Ray Hinish

When Ray was a teenager, he never felt like he had extraordinary talent. He was a chubby, nugget-headed kid with Pepsi-bottle glasses. His grades were average. He felt he had no discernible athletic ability. He felt average; in fact, he was average. Today he understands that his “averageness” is his superpower. He was gifted with “averageness”…and the desire to be more than average.

These two competing realities sent him on a quest to learn how to “manufacture extraordinary”.
Throughout the years, he has studied high-performance and human potential starting and read hundreds of books and logged thousands of hours in training on the subject of “manufacturing greatness” in life and business.

Using that knowledge, he has started multiple businesses that have grossed over $30 million. Now his mission is to teach and coach other achievement-focused entrepreneurs to live their potential and dreams!

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
  1. Mirasee
  2. Coaches Console
  3. Ray’s website
  4. Ray’s LinkedIn
  5. Ray’s private podcast for clients

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