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#122: Learn The Art and Science of Connection From The Creator Of The World’s Top Secret Dining Experience For Industry Influencers… w/ Jon Levy
February 21, 2023
Here’s how Lewis Howes, NYT bestselling author of The School of Greatness, describes today’s guest: “Jon Levy is what happens when you mix a behavioral scientist like Robert Cialdini with Indiana Jones.” 😆 After reading Jon’s book, You’re Invited, and having him on the show, I can say I 100% agree! Despite being a NYT bestselling author and TED speaker, Jon is perhaps most well known for being the creator of The Influencers Dinner. The Influencers Dinner is a secret dining experience for industry leaders ranging from Nobel laureates, Olympians, celebrities, and executives, to artists, musicians, and even the Grammy winning voice of the bark from “Who Let the Dogs Out.” Guests cook dinner together, but can’t discuss their career or give their last name, and once seated to eat, they reveal who they are. Over time, these dinners developed into a community. With thousands of members, Influencers is the largest community of its type worldwide. Today, we dive into how Jon has developed these relationships, and how you can build deeper and more meaningful relationships. To find out more about Jon, visit