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#171: Purpose-driven Finance, Being Unapologetically Yourself, & How To Grow Leveraging Mentors w/ Christopher Panagiotu
January 23, 2024
In 7th grade, Christopher Panagiotu learned about stocks from his quirky math teacher. A lightbulb went off… and he dove HEAD first into the finance world. Today, he oversees $135M in his financial planning business. But his journey wasn’t easy. Initially he started out in corporate and was MISERABLE… And at one point in running his business he had $11.14 left in his bank account. In addition to his journey, in this episode, you’ll enjoy 3 BIG things: 1. How to leverage “The 10% rule” to help you become more unapologetically yourself 2. How to incorporate your purpose into your investing philosophy 3. Why one of Chris’ mentors flew across the country to hand him a piece of paper… and what that piece of paper said that impacted the way he grew his business To learn more about Christopher, visit