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Reach Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs
April 20, 2019
Are your limiting beliefs sabotaging your health and keeping you sick or hurting? In reality, you may not even know that you have these limiting beliefs in the first place and that they are also related to your health. That is why it is crucial to eliminate all those pesky limiting beliefs. Dr. Sundardas helps by shedding light on awareness, meditation, positivity and taking control of your destiny. Learn all of these not only to help you with your health but also for you to overcome limiting beliefs related to money, relationships, and other vital areas of your life.
Are your " Limiting Beliefs" holding you back?

I don’t say this lightly, and here’s why…
 I’m sure it’s not news to you that your health and your thoughts are connected. 
 Today, an entire field of study is devoted to studying this mind/body connection.
 Researchers continue to find links between diseases and emotions. Just consider how your blood pressure rises when you’re upset or anxious. Inflammation and infections such as herpes flare up when you’re under emotional stress.
 And it’s not just the small stuff. Negative emotions and limiting beliefs can impact survival…
 A study reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that women with metastatic breast cancer lived longer once they improved symptoms of depression.
That’s why it really important to eliminate all those pesky limiting beliefs that could be sabotaging your health and keeping you sick or hurting. In many cases, you could have these beliefs without you even realizing it.
Limiting beliefs could be things like:

“I’m too OLD to enjoy a pain-free life.”
“There’s no cure for MY health condition. It will never go away.”
“An active, energy-filled life is for OTHER people — not me.”
Remember, you may not even know you have these limiting beliefs.
You don't manifest what you want, you manifest what you believe. So it's important to get rid of those beliefs that don’t serve you — and replace them with positive and empowering beliefs.
That’s where awareness and  meditation comes in…
And this doesn’t just help you with your health.
This will also help you overcome limiting beliefs related to money, relationships, career, and other key areas of your life.
Isn’t it time to drop some of that heavy “baggage” in the form of those limiting beliefs?

Looking back at my life, I could say that I had been involved in education in some capacity for many years. It probably started when my family told me to tutor my brother in mathematics when I was fourteen and he was thirteen. Needless to say, I was abysmally unaware of learning theories, methodologies or approaches. My only approach was to appeal to his vanity and self-esteem by suggesting, "How come you do not know something as simple as this?".

My brother and I really get on well with each other now. But he told me later that he hated that one year I was teaching him mathematics. His life-long ambition was to make sure that I would never have to teach him Mathematics again. 

If you measure the effectiveness of a teacher by results, you could say I was a great teacher (sic) because my brother's grades in Mathematics became far superior to mine. For the next 4 years his grades in Mathematics were always ten marks ahead of mine. He made it to college  and to university on the strength of his Mathematics alone.

About more than thirty years  I was relief teaching in a co-ed school for six months. Having been in an all boys secondary school, it was a little bit of a culture shock when I was teaching there. I was given two classes to look after. One was one of the 'good' classes and the other was a supposedly 'incorrigible' class. The words in quotes is how the other teacher referred to these classes.

The students in the 'good' class did all the right things. They were also well behaved. However their capacity for lateral thinking was not significant  I was simply a pace holder for them. I was also not their class teacher. 

The 'incorrigible' students by contrast were alive, street smart and capable in every arena except school work. I found this really strange until I asked one of them what had happened. He basically told me that every year, their class teacher had reiterated how incapable they were.

I admit that when I first heard this I felt, angry, frustrated and betrayed that their teachers had "brainwashed" them into a state of deep inadequacy. On the other hand, it may have felt overwhelming for a teacher to manage a high energy class.

 I was only 24 and I felt deeply that the class had been wronged. I felt they needed a motivation boost. I felt that the job of an educator was to inspire, motivate and encourage learners to get excited about learning and stretch themselves.

I got the chance when they had a class test. Being street smart, they already knew that if they failed the test, they would be re-tested. I would have to give them the model answers and they would mostly pass. The school required that I plot a  grade point curve, so I decided  to do something very innovative. Remember this was about thirty- one years ago when open book tests were not common.

I gave the class the test paper and said anyone caught cheating would be suspended. Then I took out a book and read while the class turned it into an open book test. They were greatly tickled by what they thought off as pulling one over me. I still had the suitable grade curve when I marked their papers. That was probably the one time they actually read their text books. I felt I was actually making a difference 

Six months after I left the school, I accidentally met the vice-principle who had hired me.  She asked me in amazement what I had done for the class, because in the history of the school that was the first time, the class passed their final year examinations. 

This left an indelible impression on me on the power of educators to influence their students and build their self-esteem and move them closer to self-actualization by getting into rapport with them. In the end the students taught me more about motivation, self-esteem, being passionate about learning and getting learners intrigued then any educator I ever knew. 

I also realized that these experiences as well as my earlier challenges always had me rooting for the underdog. I refused to give in, give up. I realised that so long as you can do that, you never lose. Victory could be just one step away.

Did you know that stress and emotional pain is NOT caused by external issues, but by the battle between who you really are and the narrative you've been brainwashed to accept?

Just like the students had been brainwashed into believing they were not capable.

Did you know financial problems are NOT caused by a lack of what's coming to you, but a lack of what you're allowing to come THROUGH you?

The truth is most people allow themselves to be conditioned by family, friends, and society, to believe that…

...they're not enough, don't have enough, or need something outside of themselves in order to be “complete.”

Because of this, it’s scary to own our power and purpose -- but the truth is we must take a stand for ourselves and take back control of our destiny!

It’s not egotistical to realize our greatness and share it with the world -- it’s ego to NOT do this.

If you’re tired of making excuses for why you can’t be who you truly are and fulfil the purpose for which you came here, please keep listening

I almost gave up on myself 10 years ago, and it took a near-death experience to finally snap me out of that cycle and discover the true path to fulfilling my purpose…
 And after working with tens of thousands of people around the world, seeing this discovery work for people in all cultures, countries, facing all manner of obstacles… I have realised that you can reach deep inside to find a meaning and purpose that will transform you.

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On this podcast I’m going to help you design a life that works. So you are able to say yes to the things that matter and eliminate everything else that slows you down. The more clear you can be about how to organize your daily life to support your bigger vision, the more you’ll step into your true potential, stay on track and accomplish all that you want and deserve. Are you ready to make that happen? 

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