You only need one thing to convert a sale
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You only need one thing to convert a sale
May 7, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the one thing and nothing else that I would pick to be able to sell my product.
If I could take one thing and nothing else to be able to sell my product then this is what I would pick. What I wouldn't pick is: I wouldn't pick a website, I wouldn't pick business cards, I wouldn't pick a domain name or even a company name. None of that stuff matters especially when you're first starting out that stuff likely will change anyway. 

So you know what? Just pick a company everyone that's listening in. If you have if you don't have a name yet just here pick a color and pick an animal and just name that your company. Name that your company right now, just knowing that it will change and if someone asks you what kind of company is it is or what that name means you can just say it's a placeholder. Even just using the word placeholder is fine. So don't worry about the name. Don't worry about the website. Don't worry about the funnel. Don't worry about the product. Don't worry about the MVP. Don't worry about any of this stuff. 

You only need one thing and that one thing our testimonials you should be picking up as many testimonials as possible and it should be testimonials for anything any kind of value you provided in your life. Even if it's a brand new product and you can't get any kind of testimonials for your product. What you can get right now are endorsements for your character on why you'd be the visionary to lead this product or any other previous products that you had. Someone can say hey I've worked with this person for such a long time and he's making incredible products and because of these products that I've used in the past I know that this next one is going to be bomb and I definitely look forward to whatever he's creating and it will start a hype cycle. 

You don't need any of this other stuff. The only thing that actually sells is social proof and testimonials equal social proof. And your job is to collect as many testimonials as possible. So you can overwhelm your prospect with this social proof. And what happens is when people see social proof, they're essentially using a shortcut in their mind. It's a bias, right? It's a mental bias. It's a heuristic. And what they're thinking is I no longer have to think on whether this is a good product or not because someone else has already done the thinking for me. And because I trust even these random strangers and people will actually trust strangers before they trust you. And that's the whole point. 

But they will see an overwhelming amount of social proof and it will keep them from actually having to analyze on whether they're going to like your product, whether they're going to trust you, etcetera, you have the social proof, other people have done the thinking for you or for them. And it just makes that purchase decision easier. And it makes it easier for you to bring that person into your community as well. 

So you don't need a website, you don't need a domain name, you don't need business cards, you don't need an LLC, you don't need any of this. All you need is social proof. So this is what I want you to do right now. Think about all the people that you worked with in the past or anyone that you've sold to any kind of service or product and ask them for testimonials. 

Get a video testimonial for your character, how you do things, what kind of value delivered for them. Ask them to share these in stories and just start collecting them. You never know when you're going to use them, but this is going to be way more valuable than a domain name or a patent or a trademark or any of that bs. Just start collecting testimonials. This is the only thing that you really need to start selling. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom, bam, I'm out. 

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