You’re a nobody without a downtown Dubai address
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
You’re a nobody without a downtown Dubai address
July 21, 2021
In this episode, we talk about money and the importance we assign to ourselves.
So I'm trying to figure out all the different places in the world that I want to visit. And I was speaking with my tax accountant earlier this morning and we decided that Dubai would be a really good place based on its location, based on my experience with the Middle East, et cetera. And we decided to incorporate in Dubai. And part of this incorporation process my accountant asked me where what I'd like to incorporate. So there's all these different places where you can incorporate in the U.A.E. And based on where you incorporate, there's some pros and some cons. 

So he mentioned some free trade zones where I can incorporate. But then he also mentioned that I could also incorporate in downtown Dubai and doing it there carries a different level of cachet. So I wasn't really sure what he meant by this because I'm just thinking where can I where can I just optimize my happiness and my freedom and you know, what can I do? So if I incorporate in some of the places that are outside Dubai, it's much, much cheaper, the whole process is much cheaper. But if I'm doing it in Dubai and if I want to have any offices in Dubai or something like this then it has to be done in Dubai and it's much more expensive. 

And I was asking my accountant like what's really the benefit from doing that, like you know why would I care? And he was pretty much saying that you know if I go to Dubai and I go hang out in some of these nightclubs or go talk to people and they find out that I have a company that's not registered in Dubai and it's just in the outskirts, well it'll make me look like I guess like a clown or like cheap and things like this and I'm trying to wrap it around in my head is like who the fuck cares if I'm making money, what does it matter if I have a Manhattan address or if I have a Dubai address and I understand this cachet kind of work before, but does it really matter now and with this thought in mind, just kind of started thinking about how much we spend to be able to impress other people. 

So if I were to spend three times more in costs and registering my company in downtown Dubai, then just spending this much amount of money is the only real reason for me to do this is so I can show off, so I can say I have a Dubai downtown Dubai address or I have a downtown Dubai office and all these things. And it's really just purely for showing off. And one of the reasons why I'm saying this is because whenever I feel like I am going back to the States, whether it's Houston or any other city, um, even in Houston. Houston, I think it's Houston's a well-dressed city, but it's not like Miami, New York or LA. But even in Houston, you feel this pressure to have that nice car, have that nice house to have the Yeezys and the Guccis and the Louis Vuitton and all that, all that stuff. Right? 

Me getting out of Houston. So I was wrapped up in all of that. I mean, I still have my Gucci backpack, I have my go yard wallet holder. Even though I'm living a minimalist. Like the stuff that I do have is pretty nice, but just leaving that entire world, I am just so much more happier wearing a white Hanes t-shirt and some board shorts, some socks with sandals, and just walking around the jungle with Rari, listening to music? And just doing my own thing. Right. Who cares about what other people think, Whether it's with Gucci flip-flops or whatever. 

And I think this kind of goes in contrast with the beginning of a lot of these episodes where I talked about how I love spending money, and I do love spending money, but how I love spending money. But now I think my thought process is evolving a little bit more so I still want to spend money, but now my thought processes instead of doing it, where I'm trying to impress other people, I'm doing it to maximize my happiness. So where my money is going to probably go now is buying up properties in different areas where I know that I'll be treated well. Um so I'm just looking at different countries, different properties where I can just kind of move around and get the best of all these different worlds and this is one of the reasons why I was doing my tax planning with my account this morning, but just this whole thought that there are all these different people out there that are spending so much money, probably millions of dollars just so they can have this cachet, this feeling like they're important without ever just kind of assigning this importance to themselves. 

So me, I don't care if I had the Lambos or what I definitely do want nice things. I definitely do want money, but when I want these things for myself it's really for myself it is no longer for me to kind of stunt and if you are trying to stunt, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I still like to stunt, but I think where my thoughts are evolving and just going to the next stage is really just not caring as much anymore about what other people think and being so true to myself that I am just more concerned about my happiness versus the impression that I give off to others, 

How are you doing this with yourself? Do you feel like you're buying, buying things just to kind of experience, you know get that level of experience where you feel important, right? I mean when I bought my Porsche, I keep bringing this up like yeah the Porsche was nice but the really nice feeling of having that Porsche was having the valet driver bring it down from the garage to my apartment, I mean to the, to the front of my apartment and this was a high rise apartment and just having the doors open for me and you know walking into that. It felt like I was living Kanye West rap songs right when he was like you know get the car around the damn garage, get the Porsche at the damn garage. 

So just that feeling and having other people see you walk into this Porsche and things like that. Yeah. It's an amazing feeling. I am not going to deny it. But I think once you've had this feeling then that feeling kind of wears off and it's not as important. So if you're young and you still create this feeling then have at it. You know, go by that Porsche, go spurs, put yourself to the brink of bankruptcy. Um, It'll be fun. It's not conventional advice, you know what you're doing, we all know what you're doing, you're gonna do it anyway, so go ahead and do it. But once, once it's out of your system, I think you'll start considering what really makes you happy and what you really want in your life. I hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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