Sit, Breathe, Bow
Rev. Teijo Munnich
June 1, 2021
The spiritual practice of sharing the dharma is not a form of entertainment. This is something we do to find out what life is. At the foundation of the practice is dana or generosity.
Reverend Teijo Munnich the is founder and Dharma Teacher for the Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple, the Zen Center of Asheville and she is the Dharma Teacher for the Charlotte Zen Meditation Society. Teijo studied with Dainin Katagiri Roshi from 1975 until his death in 1990. Teijo was ordained as a Zen priest in 1981and received transmission in 1989. In addition to training at Hokyoji (Catching the Moon Zen Mountain Center) in Minnesota, Teijo also received formal training at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in CA and Hosshinji in Obama, Japan.

You can find out more by visiting the website for the Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple

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