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56. Bumon2Wheels - ALEX CAICEDO. From Riding for a Cause to the REAL FUNNY on the Road Feelings.
April 12, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: How a mechanical engineer decided one day to get on his bike a ride across the USA and some funny days that kept him going, eventually to join Dan Hurd Ep.17 to Ride for Suicide Prevention.
My name is Alex Caicedo (Ka-say-doe). 

In 2018 I did my first ever bicycle tour from Virginia to California (10 states). 
In the beginning, it was both painful and horrible... 
I was regretting it almost immediately. 
However, after about 1 month of agony, I fell in love with this type of travel.
 After another month, I got really good at the routine and about a week later, it was over and I was headed back to the real world. 
I went back to work and I never was really able to "fit back in" to the normality... most of my time was spent following others on their tour and feeling like I underachieved, so in March of 2019 I began planning a 2year, 6 continent tour that would end in Alaska... a place I've dreamt of stepping foot in for years. 
I spent that year saving, selling off all my stuff, prepping the bike and gear, training, planning the route, and ultimately buying my ticket to Inverness, Scotland in January 2020. 
In March 2020, I handed in my 1 month notice to work and by April, everything changed. Due to the pandemic, my flight was canceled along with all travel, and I was stranded in Raleigh, NC with my dreams shattered. 
I stayed there for 3 months then went home for 1 month before deciding to start my tour in the US and ride until I could travel outside the country. Less than a month in, I ran into a couple who just finished riding through 49 states and thought that was an interesting thing... around this time, I began to accept that out-of-country travel wasn't happening anytime soon. 
A few weeks later, I was finishing up the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and that's when I decided to go for 49 states. 3 months later, I stopped for winter in state #28, Florida, before heading up the east coast. 
The one big change for the upcoming second half of the tour will be that I am now riding as an ambassador for the One Pedal At A Time movement (OPAAT) to promote suicide awareness.

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