Dating Kinky
How can some people get off so much more easily than others?
July 1, 2022
Some may be born with a predisposition to pleasure. But since we can’t know what potential we are born with, it’s up to us to try new things, practice our exercises, and see where we can go and what we can feel.
I’m going to say nature, nurture, or both.


Let’s face it, just like fingerprints, pudendal nerve maps are totally unique. 

That means that a lot of us will have Y number of nerve endings in our goody bits and surrounding areas, some of us will have Y minus X number, and some of us will have Y plus X number. 

More nerve endings could potentially mean more pleasure and so on. 

On another hand, some people develop physical issues like vaginismus that affect their ability to experience normal sexual pleasure. 



Some people are lucky, and have had only positive sexual experiences, which have brought them pleasure, along with the ability to explore that pleasure and grow it. 

Other people have had only negative experiences which have traumatized them and stunted their sexual growth.

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