Scam Economy
40: BlockFi BankruptcyFi: A Bizarre FTX "Bailout" Story (w/ Nikhilesh De of CoinDesk)
December 5, 2022
Nikhilesh De of CoinDesk joins Scam Economy with Matt Binder to break down the fall of another crypto lending company, BlockFi. This one has a twist though. BlockFi was actually bailed out by Sam Bankman-Friend of FTX this year when it first failed...and then things get interesting. BlockFi failed yet again and filed for bankruptcy after FTX's own bankruptcy. Nik breaks down what BlockFi did, where things went wrong, the dealings it had with FTX, and what's going on now. Plus! Nik and Matt discuss the latest on FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried's odd series of interviews and more! Visit: Support the show: Discussed in the episode: