Customers Who Click
How Drew Wolgemuth is Successfully Bringing Jewellery Shopping Online
December 6, 2022
In episode 140 of the Customers Who Click podcast, we’re joined by Drew Wolgemuth, founder and CEO of Wove. He’s sharing how he’s managed to successfully bring engagement ring shopping, traditionally a more old-fashioned in-person process, into the ecommerce world. Drew has managed to keep this process highly personalised, while also efficient, and at all times maintaining an an excellent customer experience. He’ll be sharing his top tips on how to create an outstanding customer experience with the optimal number of touchpoints and right amount of customer choice. Drew Wolgemuth is the founder of, you can find him on Linkedin.
Key highlights:

0:45 - Drew’s introduction
1:09 - The background of how Wove came about 
04:22 - How Drew gets customers clicking 
08:20 - Drew’s method for qualifying customers 
10:21 - Managing the high touchpoint process
11:34 - What is so unique about Wove?
14:18 - How Wove do marketing 
19:13 - The evolution of Wove’s design process
21:41 - Varying the number of touchpoints based on the type of customer
26:43 - How to give the right amount of customer choice 
33:28 - Wove’s main marketing channels 
36:31 - Getting customer feedback and reviews
40:49 - Drew’s ideal lunch guests 
42:23 - Drew’s recommended marketing tools

If you’d like to connect with Drew, you can connect with him on Linkedin or email him at