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288. STOKED MTB Sessions: Teaching All HUMANS how to Ride and LOVE MTN Biking | Melanie Poel
October 31, 2022
Meet Melanie Poel. In 2008, she turned her interest into a passion and started her MTN bike business helping more humans get and feel comfortable on the MTN BIke. Mel has some super cool projects in the works. Such a great conversation.

When Melanie Poel bought her first mountain bike in 2006, she didn’t know anyone else in the sport, so she took to the trails she had previously ridden on horseback.  Although she was thrilled with this new pastime, she was inhibited by her inexperience and fear of getting hurt where no one would find her.  In 2008, she plucked up her resolve and joined a group ride.  And it changed her life.  Right from that very first group ride, her interest sparked into a passion and quickly fanned into an obsession before becoming a full-blown and fulfilling addiction to life on two wheels.

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