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42. Cycling the World: This Family of NOMADS sees no Limits to their Abilities to Live Differently: Meet Celine, Xavier, Nayla & Fibie
March 10, 2021
In this episode you will learn: How one couple started a cycling tour that turned into 10 years of cycling around the world. During the 10yrs Celine gave birth to their two daughters Nayla & Fibie.

For 10 years we have been nomads on the roads of the world. We have cycled 78'000km on four continents, from China to Alaska, from Syria to New Zealand. Our two daughters were born along the way. Nayla learned to walk in front of the Angkor temples in Cambodia. Fibie made her first steps in a yurt in Mongolia. 
Who are we? 
Live, Explore, Share, Inspire
Xavier (1980) is an architect and photographer. I (Céline) (1982) am an anthropologist, mountain leader, and writer. Since 2010, we have been nomads on the roads of the world by bicycle. We experience the world listening to our inner wisdom and intuitions. As speakers, we wish to inspire everyone to follow the path of their heart. We received the "Montbell Challenge Award" in 2019 in Japan. We are also working for a new form of parenting, centered on free learning, connection to nature, and spirituality. 
Nayla (2013), at the age of seven, has already cycled more than 40,000 km around the world, meeting local people and their traditions. She is the first baby to cycle across the Nullarbor Desert in Australia, 1,200 km between two towns. Fibie (2017), at the age of three, has already cycled in 11 countries. She is the first baby to cycle across the coldest desert in the world, the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. 
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Book: Nomads in the heart of the elements, an epic journey by bicycle. Editions: Lumière D’ailleurs. (2016) / also available in French. 
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After a great five-year journey, after 50,000 kilometres by bicycle and the birth of our daughter Nayla, we reached New Zealand. We traveled from the Swiss Alps to the Southern Alps. But the adventure we dreamed of, imagined, and then created, turned out to be more than just a journey, an exploration, it became our life. A life of nomads by bike, in which our outer path was a pure reflection of our inner path. Guided by our intuition, our itinerary mysteriously assumed the shape of the symbol of infinity, comprising two loops around the sacred mountains of the Altai and the mystical high peaks of the Himalayas. 
To guide you in the heart of our inner transformation, the chronology of the journey is placed in the background in order for you to dive into the teachings of the Lands and the Peoples, through our Truth. Time thus disappears behind the power of spaces. From one place to another, you will be encouraged to immerse yourself in the transforming energy of each element, the consciousness of the Metal, the roots of the Earth, the harmony of the Wood, the transformative power of the Fire, the feminine energy of the Water and the freedom of the Air.  



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