From conception to launch
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
From conception to launch
February 6, 2021
You're listening to this podcast because you want to launch a startup and love next level startup hacks from Robin Copernicus.
You're listening to this podcast because you are an aspiring startup founder, and you want to take your idea from conception to launch. So my name is Robin Copernicus, and this is the very first episode of this podcast. And what you're going to learn really quickly is I keep things very short and sweet and straight to the point. 

These are modeled after the bonus episodes that I used to do on my podcast growth hacks, secrets, and that podcast I invite guests over to share some of their best growth hack secrets with me in this podcast; however, we're gonna learn about all the things that I'm learning on my entrepreneurial journey. I am a hypomanic, which means that I learned things very quickly at an almost manic level, but not too manic, just hypomanic. 

For example, I graduated from school in my undergrad in two years, and the way you do that is you figure out systems and processes, and you figure out how you can shortcut different things. So while everyone zigs, you zag. If other people take four years to do a degree, you take two years, and this is my story. 

I hope you enjoy this podcast. And if you do, check out my blogged and also my YouTube and everywhere else on social media and send me a shout, and hopefully, I can respond to you. Enjoy. 

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