How to develop a mindset that keeps you resilient
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How to develop a mindset that keeps you resilient
July 27, 2021
In this episode, we talk about resilience giving us fleeting glory when bad times come.
There is this one quote that has helped me become really resilient. And this quote is by General Patton. And what General Patton says is All Glory is fleeting. So usually when you hear that quote, the way it's intended, it's intended as you know, make sure that you stay grounded. Don't keep your head in the sky because all glory is fleeting. But the way that I like to look at it is because I know that all glory is fleeting whenever you are in glorious times who relish in that time, enjoy it like a bathe in it because it is fleeting. Just recognize that it's going to go away and because it's going to go away, make sure that you enjoy it as much as you can. 

On the flip side because all glory is fleeting well. So are some of the more difficult times that is fleeting too. And this this is what I mean by helping me be a lot more resilient because any time something horrible or bad is happening to me, I know that this will pass as well and I just have to kind of wait, right? Because every time a door closes or a window closes there is a much bigger door, a much bigger window on the other side. This is something that has been true for almost every single time that I've had a bad situation if I just wait long enough than the good times will come. 

So yesterday my... the property owner at the talon condo that I was staying it um I'm on my way to moving to Medellin Colombia and I had 10 days left in the condo and I was paying monthly but my final 10 days, the property owner wanted to increase the rent by three X. So basically, I was only saying there 10 days but he wanted me to pay for the entire month and you know um yeah, it seems like I guess it's mean and abusive that actually, no, it is pretty mean and abusive but for me I took it as a challenge. I was like, all right, you want three times rent? Fuck you. You're not getting anything. I am going to pack everything and find an Airbnb and just make this happen. And that's exactly what I did, right?

 So it was a pain in the butt to do all that. Um in a way, you know, I can think of it as like I lost an entire day moving, but at the same time, the way that I choose to look at it is actually just sped up my entire packing process, right? Because I'm going to manage in any way I had to pack and I had to do this anyway. You just kind of put the fire on me. You made me do it a little bit faster and now I am at my new Airbnb and it's pretty dope. But what's even more dope is I was actually walking Rari around yesterday and I just started meeting all these cool people and these cool people are people that I wouldn't have met if I was just in my final days at that last last condo, right? 

So now that that glory of the, I guess the final condo was fleeting. Then I came into like some bad juju where the landlord was trying to be greedy and and and take three times more rent than what I was paying. And even though that was a bad situation, when I was explaining the situation to a lot of people, people who felt really bad for me, they're like oh we've been there like you know, how are you going to manage etcetera? And they were they were being very empathetic, being very compassionate, but me just taking it on as a challenge. Like I was Gung Ho, I was ready, I was fired up, I packed all my things. We moved to the new place and I feel pretty good about it because of this one statement all Glory is fleeting whenever the bad times actually come. That is fleeting as well. And this helps me stay resilient and I hope it will help you as well. This is Robin Copernicus, boom bam, I'm out. 
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