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Promote Amazon Business through Tiktok - Amazon Seller Tips with Gracey Ryback - Part 2
August 30, 2021
Promote Amazon Business through Tiktok - Amazon Seller Tips with Gracery Ryback - Part 2
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[00:00:01] spk_0: Welcome to the seller roundtable e commerce coaching and business strategies with and er not and amy Wiis. Mm [00:00:10] spk_1: um because there's definitely some crazy amazon fans out there. Like there are [00:00:17] spk_0: people that brag [00:00:18] spk_1: about their amazon shopping habits. Yes, [00:00:21] spk_0: it's like a whole, it's like a whole cult following where like there's like amazon memes and like, oh my amazon like driver here again for his daily stop. Like it's just like there's a whole like culture of it of like amazon fans, I'm part of it, but I love that. [00:00:36] spk_1: Yeah. So speaking of amazon fans, what are the best social media platforms for promoting amazon products? [00:00:45] spk_0: They talk [00:00:46] spk_1: Tiktok is one of the big ones. [00:00:49] spk_0: Point blank period Tiktok. Um, [00:00:51] spk_1: so for example, the hashtag amazon deals, amazon fines um, amazon must have those. I wrote them down your hashtags. Um, what would you say the volume is of people looking for those types of hashtags on Tiktok versus other platforms like facebook or instead. [00:01:11] spk_0: Yeah. So I think it is important to note the culture of each social platform. Like there's a culture on Tiktok that's very different from the culture on instagram that's very different from the culture on facebook. So I think Tiktok kind of plays into the viral trending product and combining that with the impulse buy and deals is where I play into that. So I think, um, there's a little, you know, kind of meat, not meme, but like little joke on Tiktok. It's like rolling your eyes emoji, opening the amazon app again. And it's like when people see a product that they want on Tiktok, it's like a few seconds in their brain before they're like, all right, I'll buy it. And then they switch up. And usually it's very easy because on Tiktok you can find an affiliate link or it's linked in the bio or in the comments somewhere. You just switch over apps literally by it within two seconds. You're like, okay. Anyway, back to Tiktok and so that's kind of how I've seen Tiktok going and um, I think, sorry, I forgot your question was it about, [00:02:12] spk_1: well it is about what platforms are the best. Right? So you know the volume, you said Tiktok is definitely the best for promoting amazon products. But I was just wondering of your favorite hashtags and fun deals amazon must haves uh, the volume hashtags like the volume between. So there are more people searching on facebook and there are more people searching on instagram. And then we were talking about the culture of each platform. The culture is a little different where you're saying this is what I think I'm getting out of it. You're saying on Tiktok it's so much easier to engage with that affiliate link and move on over to amazon check out. I got my prime deal. I got my coupon ready to go push the little button right back to tick top. We're on instagram. We have to deal with the bio links right? Where? It's not as easy to click a link. The live platform is not as good. Where demonstrate. Herbal on Tiktok is so easy. It's demonstrated. Well, we can talk about it. It feels more interactive. Facebook. I've seen, I would say probably facebook's number two. Right? Okay. Um, and then maybe twitter. I know a lot of people look on twitter for deals. Um, but in facebook, I know there's a lot of people because on facebook you can post a link [00:03:34] spk_0: go right here, [00:03:35] spk_1: claim your deal. [00:03:36] spk_0: And then they'll even, [00:03:37] spk_1: um, there's certain facebook ads where they will follow up with that person and say, Hey, you haven't claimed this offer yet. And so there's, there's different ads you can do on things where you can promote your deals as well. [00:03:51] spk_0: Yes. So I think like instagram and facebook for example, aren't bad ways or even youtube where people can do like amazon favorites and how their affiliate links in the bio. But I think a good point I want to, I want to highlight is kind of where the cultures attention is. Like, I feel like now the currency is attention, where are people looking where people spending their time, especially on social media as it's growing. And I think Tiktok is doing a really, really good job of setting the stage for other platform. Check out instagram reels, check out Youtube shorts. Who are they trying so hard to be picked up. So I, there's a number that I googled just now and I wanted to highlight like how many users are on Tiktok right now. So I think As of June 2020, which is last year there are 92 million Americans that use Tiktok monthly and 50 million are on the app every day and there are weight. Yes. Yeah. So those are, I'm not sure the numbers, I just googled it, but I think the attention right now is focused on Tiktok. So if you were to look up those hashtags on Tiktok, Amazon finds Amazon bus stops, you see the top videos under those um, hashtags have like 10 million views, 20 million views, five million even. And keep in mind that that is not paid traffic. It's organic traffic, its views and the conversion rates are so crazy high. Just based on that impulse purchase of the Tiktok culture, don't just the sheer amount of eyes that are on Tiktok right now, those are eyes that have moved away from instagram. Those are eyes that have moved away from Youtube and facebook. Um, not to say that those other platforms don't have eyes, but we're all, they're all fighting for our attention, which I feel like I've seen a lot of focus on the attention on Tiktok right now, at least right now. [00:05:52] spk_1: Yeah, it makes sense. And what I think is so interesting about Tiktok compared to the other platforms is the range of ages and um, genders and just cultures that are on Tiktok comparatively. We're facebook now is kind of more of, um, it's less of the younger generation. It's more, they think of it as kind of their parents and grandparents platform now, they don't really think of it as like a place they want to hang out and then you've got instagram which is like the younger have younger to middle age. You know, it's more hipster. It's more like, oh we're communicating in photos. You know that kind And then facebook owns instagram. So it's kind of kind of melding together there and then twitter has always been quick news. That's always because it doesn't last that long. So interest is more research. Youtube is more like you think of youtube as like a longer and also kind of more research type of platform. Like I'm expecting to see a whole video about an unboxing. Mm But Tiktok we see every age group B. C. I mean everybody's talking about Tiktok, everyone's addicted to it from the young kids all the way to even the older generation. So I think that there is no other social media platform that compares when we look at just the sheer number and demographics that are on one single platform and highly engaged with. [00:07:26] spk_0: Yes. Yes. I [00:07:27] spk_1: mean, I'm mad tick talk about that because every time I get on Tiktok I'm like, I'll start swiping and I'm like, I've been here for two hours, what happened to my day. [00:07:37] spk_0: Yes, exactly, exactly. And I think you were right about Facebook's culture being kind of not outdated, but just kind of a more old fashioned, like all my parents, my grandparents are on it and I created my profile back in 2006. And uh, so, and also you're right about instagram being more young and hip. But also, the culture of instagram is very uh perfect and very curated and very, um just not as authentic or vulnerable or relatable as Tiktok is, for example, if I'm creating content on instagram, I'm more uh to fit in, I would have to be like makeup on looking perfect face to and look at this product. And then on tape talking about like, look, this is a crazy product. You'll need a little and like it's just so much more natural, authentic and not vulnerable per se, but sometimes yes, vulnerable. And I think that's what asked us as humans needed. Like the whole, uh, consumer psychology behind like what makes us want to buy something is trust between us as the fire and the thing or purchase a person who is selling it to us. And they, I feel like the best way to sell is to not look like you're intentionally selling. And that's, I think the secret of it all and why Tiktok does convert so much. It's because these people aren't like pushing like PVC HSN like look at this product, this is all good. They're just like, I love this thing. And if you guys want it, you can get it to and it's the culture of it and that's, that's the secret. I think of what Howard Tiktok hold. [00:09:18] spk_1: I think, yeah, I think people feel more connected to somebody who's making a Tiktok video. I feel like they can be more real. So I love that, I love that. So hopefully this is giving everybody some hope about promoting their products on Tiktok as well as some ways to find influencers, ways to reach out how to think about it and all different types of influencers. We've really covered a lot. So let's revisit amazon lives. So can you, we talked about how amazon lines are kind of new and they're not super common yet. And it's good because they do take up a lot of space on the page on amazon, which I love painting the real estate on amazon with videos and everything else. That's why a little video ads and posts. Amazon posts are really great for that. All free ways to get your information out there. Give us an example of a really great way to use an amazon life and, and what kind of results that could have for a product or a brand? [00:10:21] spk_0: Yeah, so like I said before, I think when you're talking sheer volume of sales, I would recommend Tiktok over amazon Live any day. I think I use amazon live more so for product awareness and maybe just like demos or my experience with this product or stuff like that, but kind of like a video review. Um, so I think amazon is really taking a turn to focus more on amazon live and growing that amazon live, especially like just in the past month or two I've seen so much growth there. so what's a good way to use amazon life, I would say, well I would definitely encourage a brand to take a look at amazon lives page, it's uh, it's not just glaringly in your face when you go on amazon, but if you do search amazon live, there is kind of like a youtube like home page where they feature certain creators, you can find different creators in different areas and niches and um since it is kind of not new but recently just growing a lot, um there are a lot of influencers that are looking for like amazon brand to work with amazon brands to partner with and you can basically find an influencer in every different niche um and if you, you know, they're smaller influencers that are willing to do just, you know, product exchange partnerships, maybe the bigger influencers I would say are probably maybe doing strictly like paid product are paid, um, partnerships, but either way you can just like other platforms, find an influencer that kind of fits your product, fits your niche, reach out to them. And I do want to say that most influencers should have, like their social media link, where you should have, like a way to contact them, um, and then you can be like, hey, I'll, I'll send you a unit of product and you can do an unboxing or a review or just talk about your experience with it. You know, give it like a 10 to 15 to 20 minute little slot in your amazon live and when you do, if you're using an influencer that is in like Insider level or above, and I can kind of give you the little details of like the little tears of influencers on amazon life, but if you are using Insider or a list, then your, uh, the livestream that's currently happening with that influencer, it'll show up on your product page. Um, you know, like when it says related videos, it will have a live stream going there and it's live. So if somebody is on your page already and they're like, well, I don't know about this product, then they can scroll down a little bit, see somebody actively using it, talking about it, selling it per se, and then being like, oh, this person likes it and they can see a little demo of it and that might help the buying decision, I think. [00:13:03] spk_1: Got it, Got it, That makes sense. Um, so let's talk a little bit about costs. I know that this is in every, every time we have a talk on clubhouse, people are talking about costs and everything else. and I know that you can't answer for every other influence are out there. So let's just talk about you and what we have so many sellers in our network run deals at launch time. So tell us as far as working with you, if we reach out to you, what kind of cost can we expect and how should we go about that? [00:13:40] spk_0: Yes. So before I answer, like, like you just said, I'm just going to repeat what you said. I cannot speak for any other influencer than myself. So please, if you're an influencer, don't get mad at me. Okay. So, so I would definitely say as much as I wish that there was like a saw like this is my price for this and this is my price for this and this, that and the other. I do like taking a kind of like, what do you call it, ala, carte method towards it. Um, I like giving the first thing I like to do when I a brand reaches out is I say, what is the product that you're selling? Please link it. And what is the amount of this count you're able to provide? So, um, first I look at the product and I say, is this a product that would make sense on my account? I'm thinking Tiktok specifically when I say this, um, is this a product that would make sense? Is it something that would match, you know, my theme of like, you know, good deals and popular products? Um, if it is like a very niche product, for example, make an example, like if it's like a very niche little like bicycle part, it's not a bad product, but it's a product that probably a very small percent of the population would need or want. So if I'm like, oh, look at this 10% off deal, which is not a super, you know, run deal. Um, for this very niche bike part, I can tell you right now that my Tiktok probably wouldn't do well with it. It probably would be a flop video. It probably creates a few sales that neither I'm happy with nor the brand is happy with that [00:15:12] spk_1: brand. Found a bike [00:15:15] spk_0: bicycle. [00:15:16] spk_1: Yes. Either yet bike shop or a biker that is on Tiktok or an influencer in the bikes face. Maybe a Youtuber who talks about bike or fixing bikes or whatever. You're going to have a ton of, um, a report with that audience and trust with that audience because as you mentioned all about trust and report. Right? So yeah, so you're making sure that it really fits your channel and your, before you even get into budget and stuff, you're just like, okay, is this a good product for my channel? Yeah, I want to make my audience so what the heck is that gracie? [00:15:53] spk_0: Because they will, they will they be like, why did you post this? And now I will be out of an answer. And so that that does relate to the price as well. So, um basically I do want to say that the price will eventually will depend on the product. For example, I have been doing this long enough to know what products will do well on my account based on the general, you know, trends of Tiktok and what products will probably not do. Well, I'll know what kind of deal amounts will do well and I will know what kind of too low of a deal for people to, you know, make that purchase. Um So the best, the best case scenario is a popular product a lot of people want, Combined with a great deal of you know, 40, 50, I know the margins are different for other people, but I'm saying like that's the kind of the average deal price 40 or 50% off. So um if I get an inquiry, like a brand of like oh I have this really great product and um I I have a really great discount to go along with it. I will probably charge of not a terribly you know huge amount but like something that will be good for the both of us because I will have the confidence that it will do well. You will get the return that you expect if not more and you know, you'll be happy with it, it'll be worthwhile to, you'll get the R. O. I. That you expect and we'll both leave this partnership happy that I was able to promote it well, and you are able to get the, you know, sales rankings or brand awareness that you wanted to get out of it. So in that case, when I'm confident about the product and I have a pretty good gauge of that, um I will probably charge more, but because I know that the brand will get something out of it If it's something that I'm unsure about, if it's like a product I've never talked about before, I don't really know if it's good with my audience, I don't really know if it's popular trending or people who care about it. And it's also paired with the kind of like, Oh, it's like a 10% off for 20% off and it's not like, oh, I have to get it right now kind of thing. I'll be able to kind of um do like a lower price just because like, I'm not super confident about it. I'll try and I'll do my best, but you know, I can't promise that we'll both walk out of this being like, I'm so happy I did, you know, I work with you or whatever, not to say I'm making myself sound bad not to say that, not to say that's common or it happens, but I will, the point I'm trying to make is that like the price really depends on the amount of discount and the actual product that it is and the more it's a [00:18:29] spk_1: partnership, so that's exactly the brand. And if we think about it, a lot of brands do a lot of giveaways and so if they're offering, the only thing that we have to worry about with with us is if we discount it too steeply, then customers can't leave reviews. And in the beginning of really, yeah, the the amazon does not allow reviews for deeply discounted products, and so that's something as a brand owner that we would be losing out on. Um So, I mean, if we're going to do giveaways anyway, and most of the time we have to pay 100% of the price of the product for those giveaways, so we're actually losing money with every giveaway, Um if we can come to you and do a 40% off deal, or maybe like a 35% off deal, right? Um and so that we can still get reviews for that product. Um and then at that point it's actually, it's probably a wash and we get more eyes on it versus just doing giveaways. so because you have deal seekers, which is an audience that's highly going, it's going to convert, right? But, but yeah, I get it's a partnership, I'm not trying to lock you into any pricing or anything like that. The bottom line is, people should come to, you should expect to give you information about their products, you'll engage with them, let them know what's good for you and whether it's a good fit for you, and no matter what are all sellers or private label brand owners when they're looking for an influencer, they should be doing research as well before they reach out to you. If I have a product deal that I want you to promote, I better be looking at your channel first and seeing what other types of products you promote and see if it's a good fit from my end, as well as the brand owner. So I think it's a, it should be a win win on both sides, You know, I mean you're promoting it for me and vice versa. It, it works out. It's a good partnership. I help your channel with a really great product and a really great deal. You help my promotions. It's a win win. [00:20:33] spk_0: Yes, I like it. Thank you for Yes. And I think that, um, giveaways are something that are a little bit under appreciated. I think, um, giveaways are a really good way for a brand to kind of give something to the influencer. That's not just no cash value, but it's something that will help you grow the influencers community as well. It'll create engagement for them, it will make their followers happy. It'll give the brand awareness, it will allow, you know, some other, uh, customers to try out their product, you know, the winner or whatever. But I think that's a really good way to uh, for brands to kind of compensate influencers in a way that is affordable for them, but you know, brings both sides benefits as well. Yeah. Cool. [00:21:15] spk_1: And then, um, so some tips you started your, your channel just by sharing just with the need and the desire to share and it ended up taking off because other people like deals to, So, um, do you have any advice for brand owners that want to become influencers themselves? [00:21:37] spk_0: Yeah, So I encourage, you know, if, if a brand has somebody who is, you know comfortable with being the face of the brand and comfortable with talking about and sharing the product. Great, amazing. You have an influence around the team and they should start creating content for your brand. Um I think Tiktok is a great top of funnel. Um so I, I definitely want to mention that, like, I just talked about like, you know, vetting products for my Tiktok, if I get a product that I'm like, okay, this might not be a great fit for my Tiktok, but I have four other platforms and I'm happy to show your product on, you know, for a lesser price or whatever, they still have good traffic there, but it might not be a great fit for Tiktok. So if there is a brand that wants to start um doing content themselves, if they don't have anyone on the team that like, you know, it's like, oh, I'll do it. Um maybe they can hire like an in house influencer to, to create that content for them, be the face of their brand, kind of be like, you know, and do that do it that way. Um I do want to mention that like not only on in um on social media, they can do that, but they can also stream on amazon live as a brand as well. If they're brand registered on amazon, that's an option. So I definitely think if a brand is looking to start creating content for themselves, Tiktok is a great top of funnel. Um I think Youtube is a good kind of permanent video search engine for it. I definitely think um you know, there there are so many ways to post your product on different platforms and the more, you know, eyes you can get on it with just organic reach good, you know, I think a lot of amazon sellers, you know, they, they focus on PPC, but only PPC and like PPC is great and it works, but I think there's a lot of affordable other options to get more eyes on your product and that's where, you know, the marketing comes in. Um, so I [00:23:27] spk_1: Think if they don't, yeah, 49% of Amazon's traffic that's from off of amazon and a lot of people ignore that and you're wasting, I won't say you're wasting money on PPC, but if you're only focused on PPC, the other brands that are not are going to kick your butt. I love that. Well, very good. We so appreciate having you on gracie. We learned so much about the different platforms and ways to promote our products and how to contact influencers and a little bit more about what you do. Um, So I would love to give you the opportunity now to just plug whatever you want to plug. Tell us how we can get in contact with you outside of the show. [00:24:09] spk_0: Sure. So, um, do you want me to give my numbers on social media? Do you think that's important or maybe I can just plug other things? Sure. [00:24:17] spk_1: Yeah. I mean, however, however you plug as an influence. Sure. You can go for it. [00:24:22] spk_0: Okay. Sure. So I'll just plug every, so my biggest platform is Tiktok Riot or I, uh, share, you know, coupon codes, deals, promo codes about things on amazon. I have a million followers. There have a facebook group with 84,000 members in growing. I have an instagram with 24,000 and twitter with 2000. So even if Tiktok is in the platform for you, then there's another platform where you can share your product or deal on. Um, I've already driven over $2 million Amazon in the last, you know, 5 to 6 months. Um, so while I haven't been doing this for years, I have a pretty good gauge of the market and um if you want to get in touch with me my user name on all those platforms. Our deal is deal cheats. D. E A L. C H E A T. S. Um My name is Greasy and if you want to get in touch with me then you can dm me on instagram deal cheats there as well. Or my business email is Gracie Marie business. G R A C E Y M A R. I. E. Business at gmail dot com. [00:25:24] spk_1: Alright, perfect. Well I so appreciate your time today. Gracie thank you so much for being here and I think a lot more people are going to add you or an influencer to their launch and promotion strategies. So thanks so much. [00:25:40] spk_0: Thank you Amy and Andy thank you guys so much for having me and I hope I helped and brought insight to it's going to be sellers and I think influencer marketing is absolutely something to hop on to get your product sales up. So thank you guys. [00:25:55] spk_1: Yes. Thank you and thanks everybody for listening to another episode of the seller roundtable. Please rate and review and subscribe. We appreciate all of you so much. We're always getting feedback from you. Um, and we just we appreciate you being here. It's one of our favorite things to do every single week. So All right, you guys, we'll see you next time. So Andy had to go suddenly and he's still going, He's still streaming lives. Okay. [00:26:32] spk_0: Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. [00:26:35] spk_1: Yeah, he had a little bit of a little emergency. So [00:26:40] spk_0: I hope everything is ok. [00:26:41] spk_1: Yeah, I'm hoping that let me see if no might be able to. [00:26:52] spk_0: Everything is okay. I know. We're just, yeah, [00:26:56] spk_1: he messaged me in the middle of the show and so I got to go and um, yeah, so, and then try and figure out a way to kill his livestream. [00:27:07] spk_0: Well, hey, to everybody still watching. [00:27:09] spk_1: Yeah, exactly. So very cool. Okay. Gracie, give us your the best, give us some examples of the best sellers that you have promoted recently and I will log in with the envy stuff here. [00:27:25] spk_0: Okay, sure. So a couple of the big products recently, so I named like the massage gun, the Tiktok leggings, the galaxy projector, um, the weighted hula hoop, the chlorophyll that popped off recently. Um, a couple other things that went viral on my account was a dash cam um, because they're apparently a lot of insurance scammers out there. Who knew? [00:27:52] spk_1: Oh, okay. I [00:27:54] spk_0: know. I know. It seems like such a daily, I actually have mine right here that I actually am going to make a video about. That's my dash cam. Um, let's see what else, what else? Uh, there is a ring lights, which isn't technically like a, you know, viral product, but it's something that everybody is always asking for a deal on. Um, that's see. Let's see. I mean still to this day, like the products I just named, like there's still, they're still doing very well on. All right. I'm trying to look up my own day, Talk accounts. Mm and it won't work. Okay, cool. So, yeah, I don't know the other products, but there are so many in different niches. Um, I think when you're looking at like there's a, there's a popular product and every niche. Um, so there's like the two piece sets if you're talking about clothing, um, there is the you know revlon hair dryer brush. If you're talking about hair, there's um if you're talking about makeup there's a couple of viral products there. Um Yeah there's just [00:29:23] spk_1: I think I was able to claim host and so okay and our live session gracie thank you so much again for being here and thank you for filling in the space for me while I figured. Yes of [00:29:35] spk_0: course of course. So we're good now, [00:29:38] spk_1: yep, we're good to go. Okay cool next time. Thanks so [00:29:42] spk_0: thank you so much. Talk to you later. [00:29:47] spk_1: Thanks for tuning in, join us every Tuesday at one PM pacific standard time for live Q. And A. And bonus content after the recording at cellar round table dot com, [00:29:57] spk_0: sponsored by the ultimate software tool for amazon [00:30:00] spk_1: sales and growth seller. S. C. O. Dot com and amazing at home dot com.