Global EHS Professionals
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Global EHS Professionals
July 19, 2021
In this episode, Sheldon intervies Edidong Udoh from episode 40 the founder of Global EHS Professionals and Mary Stine the CEO of the organization. They speak to Sheldon about the organization, the future, and other global concerns.
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[00:00:02] spk_1: them. Uh this

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[00:00:08] spk_1: FM. Uh oh, welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I am your host field and promise. This is show where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant and I am America's safety consultant today. However, we're actually going to go outside the US, we're going to talk to global VHS professionals and we will be welcoming back to the show Eddie Dong Udo who is an episode 40. And uh Eddie and I have been friends for a little while and truly just learning the international uh side of safety has been good for me. I've always had a flair for international, I do international work. So uh it's been fun for me to to really get an understanding of oil and gas is his specialty as well as construction. But he really really digs into uh HS and E management. So those are some of his strength. His vision led him to create an actual group that will help safety officers peer to peer. And this started out as a WhatsApp group and it would have a question of the day and everybody would respond and you really start getting some good global input on certain questions. And this then developed into, well it changed over to another um social media network and then the company globally HS. Professional came about and mary Stein who is the Ceo is also in the interview here and she's been around for over 15 years of experience in the occupational safety and health field. She attended U. C. L. A. And Penn State College with a concentration and behavioral health and DHS environmental, excuse me, Emergency management safety. She's been involved in a bunch. I mean like uh you'll go through her her resume and you'll see aerospace in there and then you're gonna see clean rooms and oil and gas and chemical hygiene, radiation safety protocols truly, it was a great person for ready to partner with. And together we just really went through their minds, talked about the organization. So just stay tuned. You guys are gonna have a really good time understanding a little bit about global safety and I'm gonna get a good understanding about it as well. So, state in

[00:02:56] spk_2: all right, thank you so much mary. Thank you. Thank you. So don. Global. Yes. H is a global platform of environmental health and safety professional. Uh, I thought was to see how we can unify. I'm bringing uh, HSC professionals from different countries. You want platform. Now, the idea is for everyone to share their experience, ask you with safety. What happens in Russia in the States may have a slight different than what happens in HSC Executive in the

[00:03:41] spk_1: UK.

[00:03:42] spk_2: Come down to Africa. What happens in Nigeria might be a little bit different from what happens in South Africa is the same health sector and environment, but there are some slight differences. Maybe the approach may be the outcome, or maybe the safety professionals themselves. So you need a platform that everybody can bring up and shit ideas, you might use so much idea in Africa and and imputed in your own system, which might work. We can also borrow ideas from the U. S. And also imputed in allowed present system which can work. So people have different, different ideas and that was why we came up with it. We started as a WhatsApp group On 18 April 2019 and we moved to telegram because of the numbers we had and we started doing a visual uh knowledge sharing session to try to reach every other person.

[00:04:47] spk_1: Wow, that's one of those things that I didn't know, I was actually seeing you guys through the progress, wasn't that uh so I may have been one of the first with you guys then. Yeah, I didn't know that. I actually thought that that it was, it was going on before I got in. Uh I think it was, but maybe not that much. Yeah. Nice guy.

[00:05:10] spk_0: Eddie gave a great introduction as to what the purpose and intent for global DHS professionals is. But to be honest, because of the fact that he's being modest, it is that he has so many different educational credentials and degrees that he's able to be resource to these people and his generosity is that he wanted other people of certain levels of educational credentials to help the younger safety professionals and groom them in a mentorship. That is allowing a platform For a safe space to discuss their queries that may not have been available at their jobs. So for example, on telegram, we have over 900 people involved and those people have taken the time to provide their actual information. Like someone says, I need a plan for fire escape safety and they're telling you what country they're in and then we're telling you what they can do for best management practices. And that saves so much time and it builds the confidence of the safety professional that I I said, Hey Eddie, I gotta get on board. I need to know what's going on. So when he and I first met in 2019, when he started program, I think I came in on a session number two as a volunteer speaker. And then the information he was asking was the value of H and S as a professional in the industry. You know, how do we see E. H. And S. And this is on the cusp of covid? Okay. This is before the way where everybody and their mother knows about PPE. So he was like ahead of the game and saying, make this a viable entity that you can hear from professionals at a discounted rate or at an accessible rate all over the world. Can you imagine someone in Namibia being able to pick up their laptop and they have a certain amount of time on their credits to look at the video and there bam you can queue in because he organized it based on topic. So you can choose what they want. And now that he's brought me on board, we have segregated it onto bringing A schedule of when these people are speaking. So you know right when to pop in and you give the audience an opportunity not to just sit for three hours but to come in for 30 minute chunks. So when I first met Eddie, first thing he says to me was I would love to work with you in America and I would love to bring this platform to the United States in the United Kingdom. So that's how we're branching out as far as my global expertise. My background is in aerospace, agriculture, pharmaceuticals. You know, I've done everything from, I asked about it all the way to building people up for the voluntary protection program and an OSHA program. So my expertise was not the same level. This is because he's my boss. But I am, you know, the United States version and and the general version so that that particular segue made it so that now he's taking some of my NBA processes and my my leadership processes to develop and improve what he started as a beautiful idea. So, we're definitely growing just to give you could also.

[00:08:16] spk_2: All right, sorry. Yeah. When you asked about a 31 0 down on global. Shh. Okay. My name A. D. Edo. I work presently. I worked for pacific architect Engineers Incorporated in Virginia. But they are in Kabul now working for the U. S. Embassy. Ok. I started my 50 career 13 years ago in Nigeria. I've worked with I worked in the oil and gas industry Engineering. I've also worked in construction. Okay. Shortly after some years in Nigeria, I had an international job. My first posting was in Iraq same company, pacific Architects Engineers. Where I spent like two years there before I moved to Afghanistan. It has been a growing and progressive career because I have a question for health safety environment. So that's why it's really easy for me to flow with the system and trying to bring everyone on board.

[00:09:29] spk_1: And both of them are not being modest because truly just take a quick peek at their linkedin. So what you see that you look at their linkedin, there's like so much information packed in meaning they have done some stuff to get credentials and other things there. So that's experiences going into the globally Hs. But then the other thing they're being modest about is the people that they get to speak at these things uh is truly amazing when you do get the the event that you you'll get. And is it still the monthly event that you guys were doing? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. But the monthly events now, that is just amazing how you guys are able to get those type of speakers to come in and and dedicate their time and energy to pursue. Uh, I guess just fortifying will stay that way, fortifying the education of safety to bring up into, you know, maybe people benchmark the US, maybe people benchmark the UK, who knows, but at least together in this system, everyone is coming up and your people that you have leading that In those, those monthly meetings have been incredible. So I want to throw that in and if you have not listened to episode 40, Eddie's actually my episode 40 guests, which is like November 11, I just looked it up, 2019, that's going back, isn't it? But yeah

[00:11:09] spk_2: yeah, I think I remember,

[00:11:12] spk_1: yeah, uh mary, I had a question for you because, uh, most of the time and I'm saying this as maybe cut out of the same mold as Eddie, but most of the time when you see founders and people who, who start things, it's almost like a dreamer? S quality that could give birth to a project. And then you get someone who has your experience, your knowledge, your managerial skill to take that dream and refocus it, re energize it and say, I don't want to take away from your dream. I just want to make sure that we could, we could put this in some way that it's functional and organization, organizationally sound, uh, when you're doing that and I see that you have been doing that, both you guys together as a team. Um, how do you come against some of the things where people may feel, you know, hey, this used to be free or lower cost. Why do we need to pay a little bit higher here? And I know the answer, but don't you guys go ahead and tell them where, you know? Yeah. And then I'll chip in afterwards. But what are some of those challenges that you need to just let people know that? Hey, yes, there may be a difference here, but we're going to help you. So go ahead and either one, okay.

[00:12:38] spk_0: You directed it to Michel this. Let me make ahead. Eddie can clean up anything I forgot.

[00:12:43] spk_1: Yeah. There you go.

[00:12:45] spk_0: When I first came on board um, I believe it was January 2020 when Eddie recommended that I become the chief executive officer. I had a lot of ideas and I did have the sensitivity to envelope his vision and not corrupted. However, the information that I had to provide to him would require expanding to a broader audience in spanish to a broader audience through different social media platforms means that most people do not believe if it's free, it's going to be good. So you have to give them an option to donate or to charge. Okay. All of the funds in the information that we have created or ask for has gone back to the staff that has volunteered their time to help support this program. We're all volunteering and the purpose of that is to eventually become a fully functional and viable entity in itself where we can hire full time and etcetera etcetera. So this is the platform where people say if I'm going to pay this feat, I'm going to get this option well. We have decided to get what's called an option to speak to a person after the meeting. We will call that behind the scenes and that activity involves not only what we're moving forward, it's kind of certification, but moving forward and let the person asked a question that probably wasn't available during the conference or they didn't have a chance to speak on that topic. And that's like 30 minutes just to talk to them. The other thing is most of this is a write off. So if a person is being educated for 35 45 an hour or two and your boss is, what do you what do you write in this expense off for you go. I went to a conference and I'm like, oh that's it. You know, so it's it's not and an unachievable goal, but it is at a point where that's the incentive, a sensitization. The money goes back into the Foundation to that. Our volunteers are getting compensated in foreign countries. And also because of the media platform that we're out reaching to, you can say a free or donation or a certain level of uh price based on V. I. P. Or general admission. So that's the cost question. If there's anything else Eddie that I miss, please fill in. Okay.

[00:15:11] spk_2: Said everything, you know anything that is free, people don't value it. That's what I come to realize. You know anything that is free, people don't tend to evaluate. But what we're trying to do was to strike a balance because uh Global. Yes. Yes. I just say we have people from different continents and different countries. So we tried to make sure that everybody come on both in one same level with reasons no a lot of people can afford to pay so might not be able to afford to pay. I really speak from the african developing aspect because the safety professional in uh Botswana might be any $100 a month what they are. You know so you try to see how you can balance up. So some people can we have a particular number of tickets for free. Then we also have the donation and the other V. I. P. And order to what we're just trying to do was to try to make sure that we carry everybody alone. That's just

[00:16:17] spk_1: very good. And um that's one of the things that being in the US and not going outside of the U. S. In some cases people may um they don't get the actual sense of the value of the U. S. Dollar versus someone else. So for me and for instance when I do an event, I have special webinar pricing versus pricing for if I'm going to do three or four day seminar or something. Or was the reason is is you've got more time? Right? Just makes more sense. It's going to be more more expensive. But in those cases I like the way that you guys are setting it up. So they could be a free option. That could be a pay as you go. It could be a donation. Uh So it is it's reducing a barrier for entry. And that's kind of a key because if if I were to say well it's really cheap. It's only $25. Okay well in relative speaking For the US economy and another person in the same us market. Not that bad. But then 90 change said you put it into another actual denomination. Now you're you're looking at a barrier to entry and any barrier to our business could be detrimental to someone's safety and health. So I I really appreciate that you guys were doing that

[00:17:38] spk_0: option.

[00:17:40] spk_1: Oh what are some of the plans? As far as um I know that you guys have been working the Telegraph? I I keep forgetting the name of the Telegraph telegram. So does that show my age? I

[00:17:57] spk_0: just grabbed, let me double check. You may have said it correctly. It's

[00:18:04] spk_1: the telegram. I got some grey. So you got to watch me because sometimes I don't say it

[00:18:10] spk_0: right.

[00:18:11] spk_1: It's telegram alright. But truly, I know with those things, I love that because you've got the question of the day and people come back and they respond to each thing from different perspectives. And it starts a nice little thread and that's daily information for the safety inspector or safety officer. That's completely free. Um So I know there's something brewing. I just want to see if maybe there's some things you guys could could tell us like, like a sneak peak of one of the things that you guys are going to be doing. In addition

[00:18:45] spk_0: Right now we have 1141 members on the board. That in Iraq, 300 people per day are interacting to the queries. So moving for my port, not part of it is Eddie has assigned each administrator a day of the week in which to put a question of the day in addition to the participants submitting their own individual questions back to us and to the community. Okay, so what's going forward is we're going to probably find the program easier if they can get their answers to their questions of the day immediately responded to. So the next level is training the administrators on how to put their information into the query as a pole with one correct answer. Their immediate gratification would be like you selected B but hit. The answer was seen here is the reason why so and making those snapshots, the person is able to calculate their their growth, okay? How quickly they answer it. Everything is going to be visible. It shows them immediately that they they've got the answer because it gives them a confetti sprinkles, lets them know they did it right. Actually didn't do it right. The thing is it could be anonymous, but I'm letting it stay that you see your name because it doesn't say whether you got it right or wrong. It just says you participate it right privately. You know, if you got it right or wrong. So that's one of the things we're moving forward. The second thing is we're not only trying to encourage them on the educational portion, but we're looking toward the job. So we're leading them back to our other lee, which is on telegram, which is the H and S. Jobs platform. So if they're getting to the point where they know what they're doing and they feel a little bit more comfortable there, skills are built up. Here's another segue into getting hired. I mean, you can't beat it. I mean, this is like down by many companies, but we're starting and Eddie is the founder. So kudos to Eddie for that vision.

[00:20:42] spk_1: Yeah, that's that's really good Eddie. I mean, for for just just a general safety and health person, that's why I really wanted to spotlight. This is much like, can I know we're we've partnered on things, but this isn't a paid sponsorship in any way. But I I truly feel like your vision uh and this collectively because mary if you've been doing this for a long time yourself. So I know that your heart in your vision for Safety and Health has been uh eminent and just growing and I don't know how you guys get the time because you're also volunteering for things mary you're like leading. What what's the chapter that that you that I spoke with

[00:21:23] spk_0: saN Jose chapter and

[00:21:24] spk_1: Jose

[00:21:25] spk_0: professionals santa. And I'm sorry this santa. What's actually the members at large? The Society, Women in Engineering, the Blacks and Engineering program. I mean, come on, what am I

[00:21:35] spk_1: not? And I had such fun. You guys are really, really blast there. So what do you like? How do you guys time manage because you're still working full time and you're doing all these other things and you're giving of yourself to a community house, your time management. I'll

[00:21:58] spk_0: let you go first because you're always super quick to answer.

[00:22:02] spk_2: Yeah. Because you see it sometimes it's always difficult. But what I try to do, I try to as part of my to do list and every day after maybe the morning prayer, I know that the first thing I need to do after setting off for the days to look at the group, check things out okay. The admit is gonna be the one to speak to engage the group that they look at the telegram group. If there are questions or if there are things we need to assist people, then we go on to our daily work and all that volunteer. Then once in a while When you have lunch break or something, you just check it up again then afterwards. So it's important. I think Mary to, I think what that means because I'm not the only one doing it. We have like 23 that means, you know, so most times people checking it must not really be married or me, every other person is there to support and assist. And since it's something growing, you have a lot of uh fresh hands, what want to learn, we really want to, you know, quest for knowledge and uh I'm very, I'm just so happy because most times you see fresher who have issues in their job and they just need that answer. Now, immediately someone is always there to assist. And what do you think that the feedback is so encouraging because people are able to perform their tasks properly, even if they don't have the global certification, but they have some little experience from the discussions in the group. So the feedback has been tremendous. People are always wanting to go into the group and see what's really happening. So that's how

[00:23:42] spk_1: I would

[00:23:44] spk_0: manage my time on that query is on the app. I've said it to notify me when there is a comment. If it's directed to me, it'll make a chime and I'll look at it. If it's directed to the group, I'll look at it so I may not have the flexibility. You know, I do my morning meditation and I get my my schedule set out and then if I have time, I look at the global H and S professionals, but most likely we're relying on Eddie to do that. So I have kind of cheat days where I'll come in on my schedule day or I'll respond to my chimes. And then I also work with him on the monthly and also the spotlights that we do for the one on one meetings. But I don't put my hands into a daily unless it's required. So that's kind of a time management q for me. But for everything I rely on my phone to alert me. I also schedule at least one hour at the end of the day to go back through and read threads or comments to see if I can input an answer and participate. As Eddie says we need to activate our participation or I'll put up a job posting if it's available. So everyone has their own schedule on on time management.

[00:24:59] spk_1: All right. So I mean you guys seem and I guess this might be something I didn't really think of until just this moment since your global you could literally be 24 hours. Exceptly,

[00:25:13] spk_0: yeah, that's how it is

[00:25:15] spk_2: because of time difference. You know, you've got the people maybe from Singapore, the asian guys, Maybe they want to. Yeah, but in fact is your midnight or so you guys are working up africa, They are trying to go to bed and me I'm already so you need to just someone needs to be there. That's why most of the admins are from different parts of the world, just like mary and said they have different days to engage your group.

[00:25:43] spk_1: Yeah. Since you guys are now pretty much getting a nice flow of data with some of your your answers what you're getting and then I'm sure by now you should be able to notify or not notified, but just notice that there's a theme of either the same kind of education level of people that will come into the group and that not in a derogatory mean in any way, I just mean as as a a level that you could say. All right, well we've got to make sure that our our outputs are the wording that we use is going to hit this certain level. I write a lot of course is for for for companies, online companies. And when I write all my courses for for those companies, I write in in personally for fifth grade, that's that's that's what I look for. If it's higher than that, people will lose people. So in all your copy in your text, you guys are doing several things. It seems like you're identifying certain education levels by the copy of the wordings that you're using. It seems to me that your also identifying where everybody is maybe in a I don't know if it's a good I'm sorry about this question being so long, but I'm thinking this through as I go here. But it seems to me that it's it's like um it's almost like a like you're you're creating a database that is showing you needs and then also showing you strengths. So that's the simple form of what I really am trying to say is that the truth, are you starting to see things like that work

[00:27:27] spk_2: out? Um, let me I know it because because of different cultural background, academic level expertise will never be the same. So most times you need to break it down to the guy that is somewhere I don't want to mention names because we're not at somewhere, you know, I might not be able to get that real information. We not understand the information, but I might not get that uh, real thing from the purse industries, from the States, you know, personally, may I go the extra mile because there are some basic HSC causes that some people need to actually step up a little bit. So some people approach me also in the group or how can they do? And if there are some things I need to pay for, I try to, uh, because I've come to realize that yeah, it may be difficult for the profession to grow if people are not being trained and certified, The person that is downtown might not be able to get a job that can pay Him or her more than $100 a month if he doesn't have the certification. Yeah. So that's it. So you need to come down to some people's level and try to make sure that you bring them all gradually. It might not be easy, but definitely.

[00:28:53] spk_0: And as far as educational level, Eddie has made it very clear that there is always a language barrier in some of the cultures that we speak. I've spoken to people who have an understanding of english that is rudimentary or people who have limited english and I've never seen anyone write in their native tongue. They've always written to me back in english. But as an option, as an option which I want to apply, the program switch over from WhatsApp telegram is they keep a list of all the files that have been submitted to be shared. So in addition to the media, in addition to the chat text, you want to search for a particular word will help you to search down to find that word. You can find all the conversation threads on that. You also have the media available. You can go into that Q and you can put your keywords. So hopefully we're letting everyone know to attack their their documents. So they'll say fire or it will say construction or it will say fail. So they're able to find the information later on. If people are visual learners, they're able to see the data themselves and figure it out. Okay, so that's that's the great option of telegram. The other thing is when you come into a conversation with the safety professional, you know, they're at a certain level of education, not necessarily certified, which is what Eddie promotes and would like us to continue to donate our time and money into making sure people get certified, but they are at the level where they at least have a basic knowledge of safety. So we're starting at that level. Okay, now what we're doing is we're encouraging them to build upon that. And in some companies, they don't want them to be certified because they just want them to know more because they have the certification, they'll have to now pay

[00:30:40] spk_1: them. So

[00:30:42] spk_0: we want them to be able to grow out of those type of companies you feel me, but at the same time be educated enough to not be on the news because of a failure. So like to stop gap success.

[00:30:57] spk_1: Absolutely. There's got to be something in

[00:31:00] spk_0: english on the, on the text and they all read the documents back and forth in english. Sometimes I send things in chinese but that's me. So it depends on who's on the audience

[00:31:10] spk_1: and, and truly I the question was a little clunky and the wording and the delivery. But the idea is still the same that I, I believe as you start seeing and reading more and more of these answers and responses, you're starting to get a good feel of who your audiences and their understanding level and it seems like you guys or get on that one for, you know, I know you guys got to get any of the rest of your day that needs to happen and you got to go to

[00:31:41] spk_0: sleep

[00:31:42] spk_1: okay. Uh, my, my other question was when you're or say one of the questions floating in my brain um for some of the things that you're seeing that keeps coming up in the group, is there like uh is there something that you could identify as being either a trigger that your your general audience, everyone will jump on this topic and no matter where you are, you get this topic and you know this is going to be a good one and you guys know this topic is going to start something. Is there anything that you guys are identified yet? Yeah.

[00:32:22] spk_2: Yeah. I have personally, you know, like the topic I brought up later this evening was about call me, you know, depending on where you are. I asked the question, do you I did you record covid 19 cases as occupation, er illness in your HSC records? Mm Yeah. I knew that will bring a lot of because different opinions, different policies in different companies, different continents have their own organizations have their own differently where what? We don't recognize that because it's a pandemic. The global pandemic. We don't we just have a record inside what are some people they're also recorded as occupational illness you know for my opinion is always personal because with that uh that kind of topic you have. It's good because everybody will give their own impute depending on where they work and wear what they feel. I know that. So that is part of what I can identify that that scares of a lot of discussions.

[00:33:32] spk_1: Yes, pictures.

[00:33:35] spk_0: I think the other triggers pictures. If you send a picture of what's wrong with this photo, we get a lot of feedback because everyone wants to learn has a recognition. And so between those key trigger topics and the pictograms, people are quick to jump into the videos or the pictures of the day that may show multiple failures in that image. And then you can identify what you see. They participate.

[00:34:00] spk_1: Excellent. I used to do that with my OSHA compliance Help channel, which show a picture and then we'll analyze what's wrong with this picture and I'll show them through the standard of this is where the violation is. That's that's it's a great, great topic for for the rest of the world here. That's listening. What's what's the future for global HS professionals?

[00:34:26] spk_0: I was interim for about six months. It looks like it's going to be permanent. My vision, um, and Eddie has agreed with my vision is to build the board of directors and in that particular board explain the business plan as to our audience, our footprint and what our intentions are globally, and to secondarily establish vice presidents in each one of the continent so that that person can have a spearhead group and manage that group in that region separately or help us come together on our platforms. That's the that's the straw man. Uh deeper dive is that each particular person within the group is going to be able to feel this is a building block for a permanent role, meaning they may be full time at their position now, but they'll be able to eventually segue over. So that requires pulling in sponsorship, pulling in funding, pulling in um a representation that will sustain that economic base. So the beginning of that would be um identifying not only who is the founder is, but his key players, who he wants on his Ford. My goal and direction is to instruct and take care of those stakeholders and make sure that their their ideas and visions are met. And because I worked in global now since 2013 have a pretty good understanding of what each continent will allow and not allow as far as representation. Okay, so we're going to have to learn how to navigate the financial part. Like you just said, the economic disparity and also to make sure that this person feels that they can do this entity and a compensated manner, not just necessarily volunteering their time, but actually take on this as a part time and eventually a full time world. So that's our vision.

[00:36:17] spk_1: Mm. Excellent. That's truly in any, if you need to add anything, go ahead. This is time.

[00:36:25] spk_2: Uh Not really much mary is the ceo show she has we have a plan together so we will move it to the next level. You know, just a process, we'll move it to the next level that we are trying to just like he's trying to get a board and try to make it functional uh data into. We're also trying to see if we can have like sponsorship for some of these are programs so that we can actually uh make sure that we reach, we have a wider reach sponsorship. So

[00:37:00] spk_1: excellent. Anybody interested in sponsoring globally. Hs professionals, how do they reach you?

[00:37:07] spk_2: You can reach mary, you

[00:37:11] spk_0: can definitely reach me or you can reach our website but we'll leave it all the parameters in your Lincoln. So you can click on that for a Sheldon will be more happy to send that to you in the meantime, look for us on event. Right as global issues for each and as professionals to see when we're having an upcoming event. And that way, you can also make comments or information directly to our insight and you can communicate with us that way as well. Eventbrite is www eventbrite dot com and that's spelled B R I T E.

[00:37:44] spk_1: Yeah, they have to throw in that little funny spelling, don't they? It does help those, it does help uh for everyone else, it's global VHS professionals dot com. Global VHS professionals dot com. That's where you could find them. And if you're on linked in then you're going to have to do the Eddie dong, you do uh linkedin or mary, is it just mary stein? I thought you had a hyphen in there.

[00:38:14] spk_0: Oh, that's my married name, so it's just mary stein and definitely you can also look at its rocket science, look up lengthen, its rocket science 06 is my is my handle.

[00:38:27] spk_1: I know, I love it, it's so great because it's always a little not. You truly have to look at mary's linked in all those degrees and everything else. It's like ridiculous. You know, everyone comes in with the, I got a master's and then mary's like throwing down this list now. I just got

[00:38:44] spk_0: my last month coming in the mail.

[00:38:47] spk_1: It's coming in the mail. Good, Excellent. Thank you guys so much. Unity and any thanks for coming back because this is the second time for you.

[00:38:56] spk_2: Thank you so

[00:38:57] spk_1: much. Yeah, I appreciate it. Thank you guys. I'm a fan. So, so this is me being Fanboy.

[00:39:05] spk_2: Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I really appreciate

[00:39:11] spk_1: it. Thank you

[00:39:12] spk_2: guys. All right,

[00:39:14] spk_0: have a wonderful day gentleman.

[00:39:16] spk_2: All

[00:39:17] spk_1: right, welcome back to the show. Hopefully guys enjoyed that interview with Eddie and mary ng. It was really a good time that I had and I just picked up a lot on it. Uh Normally what I would do now would be uh in the past would be what we would have is a tip of the tip of the day or tip of the week is really what it would be. I haven't done that in a while, but usually when I came back we would kind of Go over a little bit about what we learned or one one thought I'm going to do that a little bit differently from now on. So what I'm gonna do whenever I do interviews and I got this from a man Mr Allen, he was a great idea J Allen if you have not listened to safety FM, go and do that, but it's a great idea. So generally I think especially the way that we're this interview when and I believe my other ones will go this way, we've got so many lessons to learn, that it be a little too much to try to squeeze it in at the very end. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to do a little mini episode following my interviews, and what we'll do is then we'll just talk a little bit more in a longer setting about what we learned. And it would be many means, a longer setting is going to give me another full episode, but it'll be a nice little mini. So this time will be the very first mini will do. That is going to be an actual, what did we learn from that interview. So if you want to participate from the time you're listening to this, you still have an opportunity to participate. If it is The Monday that this year was out, which would be July 19, 2021 you can send me an email Sheldon at Sheldon Primus dot com. That's going to be the easiest way for you guys to remember eight when in doubt Sheldon Sheldon at Sheldon primers dot com and tell me what you learned about this. So, this will actually need to be done by the day of the episodes. So this can incentivize you guys to go ahead like and subscribe and be part of the show. So, on the interview weeks when I do this, I'm gonna open up my email. Sheldon at Sheldon promise dot com, Which is always open because it's an email. What we'll do is I'm going to get your questions, your lessons learned and we'll discuss it in order for me to record it and get it back to you. Uh and I think I'm going to get it back to you and Wednesday. Sounds good to me. So what I need though is action from you guys. So don't forget to subscribe to the podcast wherever you are right now and listening to me go ahead, hit the subscribe button and then when the new episode comes out, you're going to get an alert and that alert is going to get you ready so you can listen to the episode and then send me your questions at Sheldon at Children primers dot com and I will incorporate that into the lesson learned. I like that. So let's see how this one goes. I had a great time with you guys this week and in the interview. Thank you mary, thank you Eddie for being part of the interview and coming back Eddie. That was awesome. Uh if you guys have not gone to global DHS professionals dot com, go ahead and do that. If you had not subscribed to safety consultant tv, go ahead and do that. I've got a 30 day code for you which is not on the site, normally 23 day free trial. But since you're a listener or a student, this is my student Co two Use code consultant and this is going to give you 30 days free instead of three days free trial so that you can really start looking at some of those videos and getting some lessons and videos are going to teach you about safety and health concerns. They'll teach you about mindfulness and had to actually breathe and relax and that's really important for safety consultants to uh, it's also going to teach you a few things related to safety and health written programs and you can watch the videos on any of your system, meaning Apple tv, you can watch it on roque, who you can watch it on amazon, you can watch it on your ipad. However that's not it. Go to the website safety consultant that tv the same playlist, the same video you're watching, chances are there's a downloadable material to it, especially if the written programs. Then you could have a sample of written programs. I just taught you how to use the sample through the video lesson and then now you download this template and you could use this template with your clients right now. So that's the benefit of safety consultant dot tv. Not only you're going to get video lessons, you're also going to have some fun stuff. There's fun stuff with me and the hump nerd, Sand sam Goodman who are actually playing guitar on our little podcast that we're sharing. There's fun stuff as well. Uh even got meditations on there too, so enjoy safety consultant on Tv. And that's a good way of reaching me. So have you guys a wonderful week.

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[00:45:01] spk_2: FM.

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