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#110: Lessons Of Impact From Training 300,000+ People, Becoming A Special Advisor To A UK Prime Minister & Being Accidentally Called “Kretan Marijuana”... w/ Ketan Makwana
November 29, 2022
When I was first introduced to today’s guest, here’s what my friend Brian said: “Ketan doesn't consult with companies, he consults with COUNTRIES.” Woah. It’s true. Today’s guest not only served as a special advisor to a UK Prime Minister on youth policy… … but he’s also regularly involved in economic policy shaping for several other governments. (Even though he’s a college dropout). In the episode, you’ll learn… 1. How Ketan made 👆 happen 2. Lessons from supporting the launch of 3,500+ startups ad training 300,000+ people 3. How YOU can create a greater impact leveraging your “Genius Point” To learn more about Ketan, go to