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#135: The Man On A Mission To Revolutionize The World of Coffee (Part 2) w/ Ryan Castelaz
May 18, 2023
Today's special BONUS episode is a continuation of episode #134 with Ryan Castelaz! Ryan is the founder and creative director of Discourse Coffee, which Growler Magazine called “the most gonzo, balls-to-the-wall, experimental coffee house.” For example… One of my FAVORITE drinks Ryan makes is called “Motorhead”. Here’s the section from his book describing the drink: “Apologies in advance to our vegan friends, but when life gives you pork fat and apple cores, you make caramel. While that's not how the saying goes, the pork fat lends an unctuous umami flavor to this sumptuous caramel, perfectly offset by bright, juicy apple, courtesy of homemade apple powder, which will provide the cores for your caramel. Delicious hot or iced, Motorhead is metalhead magic in a mug.” Ryan is a freaking mad scientist and his drinks are INCREDIBLE. If you’re a coffee lover, buying his new book, The New Art Of Coffee, is a NON-NEGOTIABLE. So: Not only is this episode special because it’s with a dear friend… but it’s also the first ever time I recorded an episode in person! Ryan’s crazy coffee brain and experiments + us really knowing each other (Ryan’s an avid listener of the show) + us being in person made this an INCREDIBLY fun episode. I can’t WAIT for you to listen to this one! To learn more about Ryan, visit