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My chat with Dominic Cooper about Safety differently
November 16, 2020
its time to reflect on last weeks chat with Dominic Cooper.
Notes from last weeks episode; 

Today I am very excited about our guest. Along with our previous guest Tim Marsh, Today's guest is one of the original gangsters of behaviour-based safety. He has a big social media presence and uses it to communicate his passionate, and at times controversial message in the safety 1 vs safety 2 debate. 

He pioneered the use of behavioural safety in the UK construction industry on behalf of the British Health & Safety Executive (HSE) while studying his PhD. He is an award-winning author and CEO of the award-winning business B-Safe management solutions. Today's guest is Dr Dominic Cooper. We are going to chat around his recent LinkedIn publication “how different is safety differently”

I am fascinated more in the debate than the two systems themselves. My stance on the two systems is one of an interested party, and my consistent argument is that that arguments and divide that this has created is actually devaluing from the value that ALL of these systems can provide. So I am well and truly on the fence of the divide just were a podcast host should be. I will, however, admit that there is a lot of what the safety 2 world say that really resonates with my experience but also when talking, listen etc to BBS people I again find myself agreeing with them, I have had arguments that with Safety 2 people when I say these systems are mostly very similar, but each brings a different perspective of something new to add to the existing systems and vice versa I have arguments with safety 1 people when I voice my frustrations with the current state of the safety profession. But I have endeavoured in this podcast to play devil's advocate for both parties, to stay on the fence to bring the most value to you listeners. Let's get into the podcast with Dr Dominic Cooper.

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