Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#3: Jewels Duncan on Lessons From Coaching 7+ Figure Entrepreneurs And Spending $10M on Facebook Ads... While Raising 7 Kids
November 11, 2020
The title says it all! Jewels Duncan is a coach to many incredible 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs, has spent over $10 MILLION on profitable Facebook ads... and has a beautiful and loving family with 7 kids. How does she do it? What are the secrets that Jewels gleaned from working with some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs that YOU can apply to your business? In this episode, you will learn... → 3 POWERFUL lessons she learned from her uncle who started 16 successful businesses... and in his spare time was a world series poker player → Her top insights on building 7-figure businesses... (it’s probably not what you’d think) → How to “harvest gold” and turn your daily experience into powerful business wisdom ... and much much more.