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Revinate’s origin story and journey through innovation | with Co-Founder Marc Heyneker
March 27, 2024
In this episode of Hotel Moment, host Karen Stephens is joined by Marc Heyneker, Co-Founder of Revinate. Together, they explore Revinate’s full story, touching on how the company has maintained its core vision, grown through the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and placed people at the center since day one.
In this week’s episode of the Hotel Moment podcast, Karen Stephens, Revinate CRO, is joined by Marc Heyneker — Co-Founder and former CEO of Revinate, now Chairman of the board. Heyneker takes us back in time to share what technology was available for hoteliers in the early 2000s and why he felt compelled to fill the gaps in the hospitality industry. He also describes what it was like leading a global tech company through a global health crisis and how it ended up strengthening Revinate’s core mission to serve hoteliers. 

Listen in to learn more about how Revinate evolved over time, how data has always been at the heart of the company, as well as Marc’s special connection with Revinate’s new CEO, Bryson Koehler. 

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