Dating Kinky
Do men need to love women more?
June 20, 2022
I'm not sure I have ever really been as deep in the trenches of the men versus women war as I was on this day.
I spent a few hours on the Clubhouse app the other day. 

I realized I'd installed it over a year back, and just never really took that step. But I tried it out, and now, it's sort of a guilty pleasure. 

A deep dive into the human psyche, raw and unfiltered. 

And it's glorious. 

Sort of a more interesting version (to me, anyway) of Maury Povich and Geraldo Rivera. People battling out their ideas, live and real time in audio format, where they are both trying to make a name for themselves and also feel mostly anonymous. 

And I joined a room in one of the singles groups (with nearly 20k members), titled "Should a man love a woman more?" And I listened. 



The cis-het-single folk ARE NOT OK. 

Find the full transcript for this episode here.