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#1 - Merilee Rowley talks about the real estate market and interest rates
July 29, 2022
Merilee Rowley with Selling Salt Lake talks about the real estate market and how the interest rates are going to affect home prices. She also reveals why she choose South Jordan to base her business. Get to know Merilee and her business.
Get to know Merilee Rowley both personally and professionally. 

Her business, Selling Salt Lake, is all about guiding people through the complicated process of either selling or getting into a home. 

She answers the question of where she believes the interest rates will go. She also talks about now is a better time to get into a bigger or smaller home. Before, there weren't many homes available and you can now find what you're looking for and people will want to purchase your home to allow you to do so.

About Merilee and Selling Salt Lake:
In the last two years, the real estate market has been going nuts. Between the pandemic and the increase in house demands with lower inventory, the housing market has increased by a substantial amount. 

Now, with raise in interest rates and more people willing to sell their homes, the market has stabilized in pricing. It has also allowed those that have been waiting to move up or downsize to do so without the fear that they may be without a home. 

We interviewed Merilee Rowley with Selling Salt Lake and it went live on our podcast on Friday. She gave some insight to what is happening and what she expects to happen in the next year or so. You’ll need to go to our podcast to hear what she has to say (We Are South Jordan Chamber).

Ms Rowley started her business in 2010 and has been in South Jordan this entire time. She currently has about 35 agents working for Selling Salt Lake and expects that it will continue to grow. 

“This business I based on great relationships,” Rowley stated. “So we will always go the extra mile for our clients/friends.”

Their whole business is based around helping people to buy, sell, and invest in real estate. Rowley added, “We help guide people through this complicated process to accomplish their goals.”

“I recently helped some lovely people sell their family land through seller financing. The land had been in their family for generations. It is always an honor to help people get the best deal on their land that their ancestors farmed and maintained.” 

Merilee loves South Jordan and loves living in Daybreak. She is married with two children, one dog and 4 grand dogs. She says she will have time for hobbies when she someday retires (not soon).

Parting thought:  “Every market is unique based on location and price.  If you want some information on your market, give me a call.“
Selling Salt Lake is located at 1644 Towne Center Dr (just in front of city hall). You can get a hold of Merilee at 801-792-2010. 
Email: merilee@sellingsaltlake.com
URL: www.sellingsaltlake.com