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How to become a safety consultant with Sheldon Primus
September 7, 2021
Today on The Jay Allen Show, Jay speaks with Sheldon Primus. Sheldon discusses his upcoming event on how to become a consultant. Hear about it all today, on the Jay Allen Show.
Today on The Jay Allen Show, Jay speaks with Sheldon Primus. Sheldon discusses his upcoming event on how to become a consultant. Hear about it all today, on the Jay Allen Show.

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[00:00:00] :  this show is brought to you by safety FM. Well, hello and welcome to another episode of the J Allen show. Hopefully everything is good in grand inside of your neck of the woods. Well, I hope you had a fantastic labor Day weekend because that's exactly what we're coming off of right now at the moment. So you know how these things go, where we kind of come off a vacation time or holiday time and we never know what to do next. Well, don't worry, because I called in a friend, I called in someone who's gonna help us out today and I'm going to let you take a wild guess on who it is that I called in Or should I just tell you? Of course, I called in, my friend, my partner, my colleague Sheldon Primus Now Sheldon primers is going to be here today, talking about some exciting stuff that he has coming up this weekend as you're taking a listen to this. So on september 11th, matter of fact, should I even tell you what it is now, I'll let Sheldon tell you himself, so, enjoy this episode between Sheldon Primacy and myself today on the J Allen show, the show is streaming now on safety FM dot life. So anyways, I warned to get you on here and bother you and mess with you and all that kind of fun stuff. Um you know how this goes, I was interested in what you have going on. So why the september 11th, which is a very interesting day number one to pick to have an event and then number two, free hold on, free explains this correct because that I don't get, I mean I know that it's good that you want to actually participate but free tell me about it. Well 1st of September 11 thing that has such a significant hold on me because I remembered everything about that day. Um it was such a big thing to me, my cousin, I grew up in new york and my cousin was Their cousin Sean, he was there and we were talking back and forth while I was at work constantly. Uh he was telling me what was happening on the scenes and he was trying to get out himself from the city. My other cousin Natalie, she was late to work and she worked at Tower one and then like so I was thinking you know where's Natalie? And then my aunt worked in Tower two and she was at work and she actually was able to to get out before the second tower went. So it's uh I mean now I still have pangs of you know just desperation at that moment and when Shawn's phone cut out like midday I could not call them back and just, it was just done, the whole city was the grid was completely overrun and I had to leave work for the first and only time in my career, I just couldn't take it, I was like I can't focus, I'm out of here and they let me go for the day and I was a basket case and pretty much, um, ever since at that time my sister had to go through therapy because she lived in the city at that time and she felt like she was literally breathing in people as she was walking her her street and Chelsea. Uh, so I mean truly it was significant for me and I didn't want the event to be Hi to September 11 per se, like a freedom event or something like that. I don't want to tie it together because it's just too significant to me, but I wanted to, but she just did all at the same time. Exactly. So I wanted to signify, uh, a point of freedom without ruining the actual day to me. So that's that, that's why I picked the day and wanted to be fast because I want people to have action before the end of the year. So that's why I figured in order for you to get any kind of action by the end of the year, we can see of victory. We got to work on it right now. So that's why I figured let's get this in. I looked at the calendar, I was like, great September 11. This Saturday, no one has to sneak this in at work because if I do during the week, you know, uh, unless it's late night and I'm going to be able to do it unless, you know, truly they take the day off of work and can't do that. So I said, Let's do it on Saturday. Uh 11, was you know, was a thought after I looked at this saturday and then truly I was like, all right, let's just do this for free because I know everyone is struggling right now. I've been hearing in the grapevine and seeing in the great mind from like cost students and everyone, there's so many people about to take the plunge or thinking of taking on clients even a little and I'm like, all right, let's let's make this for free. So the barrier entry will be low. If there's a way to recoup any money, I'll do it through sponsorship. So it's not going to cost to people who are there and then for my time and everything else will be sponsorship. That would work that out. And that's truly why I was figuring you gotta do it now, just give people what they want and if someone wants to take the course and and even get some more help with me consulting on a mentorship level, then yes, we'll do a tear and that's what I do have like it let me let me ask because a lot of people are going to of course questions and of course this is part of the reason why we wanted to have you on, you're doing it for free. You're relying on sponsors, but you're creating your own competition. So I always create my own competition. And what I mean, you see where it can become confusing for me being the end user if I'm interested in. So what's in it for you? What's in it for you? Yeah, Well, I've always said this with, with with anything that I do, I try to be the first one to do it. And if I could be the very first one in the industry, uh then truly what that will mean is if I'm doing it impactful. E and and also consistently, yes, then I should be that the first person that will say, like, I remember Abby Ferry once she had like a whole bunch of people come to me because she said, you know, I know something about consulting, but there's a guy I know a guy and I would get so many referrals because she just knew that I was better at consulting than, you know, than some other people she knew. So that's the kind of idea I've had. So I know for sure I'm creating my own competition, however, and that's that's an interesting who you decided to bring up. Especially considering that now, she's competing in your same spot. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. And she's had a course now, but um or a book now, I believe in the book came from a resource that she's had many years of and we've talked about it before actually, when she was on my show, uh the resource. That was I think two years before the show even so she's been dabbling with it a little for a while, but but no one's actually been, you know, at it. Like I have uh as as the way I do it, I should say, or just pretty much helping people with the business of being a safety consultant. Not too many people know that part. So of course we've talked about this and previous episodes that you've been on, but I want to make sure that people have a greater understanding on what this is going to consist of. Your keeping them the business of how to become a consultant, not not necessarily how to become a safety person, quote unquote or a safety pro, Is that accurate? That is accurate. Because I am assuming a lot to do what I have to do in such a short amount of time. So basically what I'm assuming is that the individual at least has the mouth of safety chops that they could hold their own by, you know, litigation purposes, You know, if they're great, are you sure you're trying to get people to this because I think you just scared them. Well, anybody that's ready to go, they thought about that already and now they're thinking all right, how can I actually dip my toe in this thing and get it going? So they've they've been there, they've thought of that. Are you sure about that? Because I don't know about that. I mean, some people are still kind of surprised when you tell them that you could be sued. Those people are the ones that need this. It just needed. Because if you're gonna go out there and you're gonna venture around, you're gonna take that kind of loss without understanding that we are all ultimately liable for the things we say or even forget to do as consultants, then that is the ground rules to to understand and we cover that stuff. Our one hour one, we're going to figure out how to get legally right, including making sure that you're going to be insured uh for those things, I'm not gonna be able to give everybody um services per se, but I've got plenty of resources and references and maybe between us and the attendees together, we're Uh I think I had like 50 free seats available and I think we're halfway right now. But you know, I could adjust that. If there's this of demand, I'll adjust it, everybody, you know, more people needed, then we'll get you in. So let me ask the strange question, can you give a high level of what you're going to be talking about during the event? And it is a four hour event coming up on september the 11th. So, can you kind of tell them what high level overview. I don't want you to give away your secret sauce. Of course on this thing, but exactly what will consist of. Yeah, Well, first I definitely am the resource guy, right? I'm always about resources even if I'm building my own competition, as you say, and you're right. So I'm gonna start out first with the resources before the event, a half hour with the virtual booth of whatever sponsors want to come in and then we'll go ahead. And as I'm starting the very beginning, I want to figure out what is your goal in becoming a safety consultant? What is your actual goal? So we'll figure that out first. And then from there, that's that bull's eye will keep going into. So from there, once we found optical, we'll find your perfect, you're perfect client. Then after we find your perfect client will teach you how to land that client through proposals. Then we'll also go through partnership models and talk about things like continuing education units, uh public speaking tips and then also how to do your own events, how to get supplemental income when, when times go down as a consultant yourself, You know that, that nice little up and down, you know, where you're getting tons of clients and all of a sudden you're like, where is everybody get the crickets in the back and then all of a sudden there's tons of people. So that's where you need that supplemental income going in. So we'll go over that by the fourth hour and uh, that's gonna be it. So everyone's going to get a nice foundation, that's why I call it one oh one. Uh you can't get a graduate degree out of a one on one course, you've got to kind of keep going until you get higher and higher into your actual uh practice or whatever it is. So I'm only doing this as a nice high level overview of safety consulting but it is not just me speaking, the whole point of this is you're going to open up another tab on your computer, we're gonna work this thing out together. If you've got two screens, I prefer to have two screens. So you're gonna have one screen me one screen where you're going to actually get on line and start doing things. We're going to have an action item that you must do. So as you're done with the four hours you're going to leave with some plan for your business. So this sounds like it sounds more like a workshop. So this is not a common watch and see this is going to be a full blown workshop with action learning items as you're doing it in real time. Absolutely. Uh We were going to I'm sharing my screen and I'm sharing my screen and putting in website web links that you're gonna click into and you're going to follow those web links and you're going to be typing in the same thing that I'm typing in or you know with your personal information, obviously it might be typing in exactly what There would be like 70 shelled in front of this is out there now. Right, so that's what we're looking for. Just action items. It's time to truly stop saying you want to be a consultant and actually start doing it in four hours. So where can they go to sign up if they're interested in actually doing this and um where can they go? Well, I'm taking them straight to the view stuff which I've been using lately, I love it. Uh You know, you have as well view stub dot com backslash safety consulting one oh one. If you stub dot com backslash safety consulting 11. Okay, so you stub dot com forward slash safety consulting one oh one. Okay, so that's available for you and then is this going to be available on a replay or is it only your there you make it or how how you have it set? Yes, so replay purposes will be for those that are attending. So even though it's a free attendance, there is that little uh block that says unless you're here, you won't get this material. So that's that's really how it works out. And then when the people that are there, they will get the replay link if you will to be able to see it again, but uh there's only limited access seven days, so they're gonna have to hurry up and get that unless you're on a different tier, there's, you know, some tears when people get longer access. But uh for the free tier is is seven days okay, free to your seven days longer access available as well. So thank you for helping to try to grow out the community because not a lot of people are willing to, but their money where their mouth is we we send to seem a lot of people that are out there doing events and of course charging bujku money and not willing to create their own competition. So I appreciate you actually going around and doing this. So in closing, is there anything special that you would like them to know about the event? Yeah, actually, this is an event that I'm saying you can't do this, that's my closing, you can do this. And now is the time. It almost sounds like it almost sounds like I need rob Snyder saying you can do it. So there you go, Sheldon, I appreciate you coming on to the show. Mhm. Thank you and have yourself a great, wonderful rest of your day. Do you have a claim and not sure where to turn. 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