Leadership in Manufacturing
E22 How to inspire leaders to change their approach to innovation in the corporate landscape
October 12, 2021
Innovation requires risk-taking, but it also demands that we learn how to fail well. Due to the pace and scale of change are accelerating organizations must adapt to survive which means businesses need to evolve faster than ever to remain relevant and successful. It's important to open innovation up to everyone to spark curiosity. In this episode, we have guest Ally Muller, Innovation Leader & Managing Director GOYA Consulting Ally Muller talks about when you want to innovate effectively, you need to look beyond traditional ways of doing things. She talks about if something is not working that is not necessarily a bad thing, the importance is actually how we use the information, how we store the information, how we share that information, and how we can change it to be a lesson learned. "Transparency also brings out that dark side. That dark side also helps us start to overcome the problems, the barriers and the issues that maybe we hadn't got to yet." Ally Muller #sannahvinding #mindtheinovation #learnwithsannah #management #leadership #keeplearning #podcast #strategy #peopleskills #culture #leadershipdevelopment #innovation #change #future #futureleaders