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Change of Plans (Rob Allen)
April 15, 2022
As acclaimed copywriter Rob Allen knows, things don’t always go as planned, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Check out today’s show to hear how a really bad business plan revealed hidden talents and led to ultimate success.
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    Rob Allen is the founder of Kings of Conversion, a company that helps copywriters become better thinkers and better marketers. He wasn’t always a master of copy, though. In fact, at the time that his writing inadvertently caught the eye of a scouting editor, he didn’t even know what copywriting was.

    In this episode of “Making It”, Rob shares his journey along the backroads to success. He attributes much of his success to not being afraid to walk away from what isn’t working and doubling down on what is. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship.

“I don't like doing this; I do like doing this, and when you put all those pieces together, you end up with something that's really cool.”

– Rob Allen

Rob Allen is a Forbes-featured copywriter who’s generated over $100 million in product sales. He’s known for his wild freelance experiments, creating The Freelance Copywriting Summit, co-founding & co-hosting The Black Friday Summit, and running the most FUN copywriting YouTube channel around.

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